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Intrinsically Safe Devices


10.1” Screen – Fully Rugged Class 1 Div 1 Windows® Tablet

Bartec Agile S NI

Bartec Agile S NI Highly Versatile Ex Zone 2 Tablet

10" screen - Windows® Rugged Tablet

Bartec Agile X IS

Bartec Agile X IS Class l Division l Fully-Rugged Tablet PC

10.1” Screen – Fully Rugged Class 1 Div 1 Windows® Tablet

Bartec BCS 3600 NI

Class 1 Division 2 Ultra Rugged Scanner

DT Research DT362GL

Rugged 6" Windows® 10 or 11 IOT handheld computer


Fully rugged 11.6" Windows® tablet


Fully rugged 11.6" Windows® Tablet

Durabook U11I

Fully rugged 11.6" rugged Windows® tablet

Durabook Z14 I

Fully rugged Windows® 10/11 Pro 14.0" Laptop

ECOM Ident-Ex Scanner

ECOM Ident-Ex Scanner Bluetooth Scanner for Hazardous Areas

Class 1 Div 1 Bluetooth® Scanner

ECOM Tab-Ex® 03 DZ1

8” Fully Rugged Class 1 Div 1 Android™ tablet

Getac B360

Getac B360 is a powerful 13.3” fully rugged notebook

Fully-Rugged Laptop - 13.3" Display

Getac F110

Getac F110 combines best-in-class performance, industry-leading security, a large 11.6″ display and a thin and light design

11.6" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows® Tablet

Getac K120

Getac K120 Fully Rugged 2-in-1 Tablet

Fully Rugged 12.5 Windows® Tablet

Getac T800

Getac T800 fully rugged tablet has a 8.1″ screen

8.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows® Tablet

Getac UX10

Getac UX10 Fully Rugged 10.1″ High Performance Tablet

10.1” Screen – Fully rugged 2-in-1 Windows® Tablet

Getac UX10-IP

Fully rugged 10.1" Windows® Tablet

Getac V110

Getac V110 is a fully rugged laptop with the ability to transform into a rugged tablet

Fully-Rugged Convertible Laptop - 11.6" Display

Getac X500

Getac X500 is a robust ultra-rugged 15.6″ laptop engineered to be extremely durable

Ultra-Rugged Laptop - 15.6" Display


Fully Rugged Laptop

Getac ZX10

Fully Rugged 10” Android™ Tablet

Getac ZX70

Getac ZX70 Android-Powered Rugged Tablet

7" Screen - Fully Rugged Android™ Tablet

Janam XT3 Rugged Touch Computer

5.0” Rugged Android™ Handheld

MobileDemand T1680

11.6” Windows® C1D2 tablet

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK®20

TOUGHBOOK 20, the world’s first fully rugged detachable PC with a removeable keyboard

10.1" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows® Tablet

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK®33

TOUGHBOOK 33 is a fully rugged 2-in-1 PC with a 3:2 screen

Fully rugged 2-in-1 laptop, 12” display

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK®G2

10.1 inch Fully Rugged Windows® Tablet

Zebra ET60/65

Fully rugged 10" Android tablet for mobile and fork truck applications

Zebra ET80/ET85

Fully rugged Windows® 12.1" 2-in-1 tablet

Zebra XBook L10A

Zebra XBOOK L10A Fast and powerful 10.1” Android 8.1 Oreo rugged tablet with keyboard

Fully Rugged 10.1” Android™ 2-in-1 Tablet

Zebra XBook L10ax

Zebra Xbook L10 Versatile 2-in-l Tablet

Fully Rugged 10.1” Windows® 2-in-1 Tablet

Zebra XPad L10A

Zebra XPad L10A Fully Rugged 10” Android Tablet

Zebra Xpad L10A Android™

Zebra XPad L10ax

Zebra Xpad L10 A 10.1″ Hard-Handle Rugged Tablet

Fully Rugged 10.1” Windows® Tablet

Zebra XSlate L10A

Zebra XSlate L10A Fully Rugged 10″ Android Tablet

Fully Rugged 10.1” Android™ Tablet

Zebra XSlate L10ax

Zebra Xslate L10 Fast and powerful 10.1” Windows 10 Pro 64-bit rugged tablet

Fully rugged 10.1” Windows® Tablet