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Food Processing

Glacier Computer customers include numerous manufacturing, processing, raw material supply, and food distribution companies and organizations across the United States. These range from large Fortune 500 conglomerates with multiple product lines and locations to small ice cream producers and local food banks.

The rugged computing requirements of food processing and supply environments are rigorous, and Glacier Computer’s rugged and semi-rugged tablets, laptops, and all-in-one computers are specifically designed to meet these challenges.

Glacier Computer’s rugged mobile computing devices allow food processing companies to bring traceability, formula verification, and weighing, directly to the manufacturing floor. Glacier rugged Windows and Android tablets and forklift computers give mobile users across the plant floor direct and immediate access to vital information while also facilitating instant input of data critical to the food processing and food delivery functions.

Rugged Tablets

Glacier Computer partners with the industry’s best-rugged tablet manufacturers to supply rugged, easy-to-use, and easy to clean tablets for the food industry.  Whether for mobile use or mounted onto a forklift, these tablets are engineered and manufactured for the job.  Environmental challenges often include extremes of temperature, drops, moisture, condensation, cleaning agents, and high-temperature sprays.  Worker challenges are often the use of heavy gloves, rough handling, sunlight readability, and three-shift battery operation demands.

Glacier is a premium reseller for Getac, Zebra, Panasonic, Handheld, MobileDemand, and Janam.  Tablets offerings include Windows 10 Pro, Win 10 IoT, and Android with GMS certification. Display sizes from 6” to 14” with touchscreens for use with gloves as well as in the rain. Wide operating temperatures, multiple drop testing, hot-swap batteries, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, and numerous options and accessories make Glacier rugged tablet offerings ideal for any and all food applications. And, all Glacier tablets are ready for a deep clean with a variety of cleaning agents.

Glacier KODIAK

Glacier Computer food processing and food distribution customers also have vitally important data collection and transmission requirements away from the actual food production area. Demands including ingredient delivery, finished goods movement to a warehouse bin location, customer order fulfillment, and loading of trailers, all require rugged data collection equipment, often onboard a forklift.

Glacier’s Kodiak all-in-one forklift computer is designed specifically for lift truck mounting including stand-up and sit-down lifts, stock pickers, and pallet trucks. The Kodiak is a Windows, Linux, or Android-based vehicle computer with wireless network connectivity, touchscreen interface, and Intel processor. Forklift operators receive orders and instructions while then transmitting updates and status directly on the forklift computer using either the touchscreen or rugged and sealed keyboard.

The Kodiak’s internal 12-48VDC converter and integrated mounting system make it the ideal choice for installation and implementation onto any forklift or vehicle. An array of I/O, including locking USB port, allows for easy connections to bar code scanners, printers, and scales.

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