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The competitive nature of the manufacturing industry comes with thin margins and businesses must be able to adapt to survive. Rugged tablet and laptop computers, with the appropriate software application, improves efficiency and productivity compared to pen and paper models. Making the transition to digital systems can be complicated to those with limited exposure to rugged computers and Glacier is here to guide you along the way. The transformation to digital will give you an edge over your competition, increased efficiency, and daily productivity, which translates to greater profit.

Many manufacturing environments have extreme conditions: heat, dust, moisture, chemical exposure, cold, vibration or even just the pressure of working quickly to meet the demands of the global economy. The internal electronic components and chipsets are made to withstand that vibration and absorb shock over years of daily use, while the exterior and display are tough enough to function normally despite the conditions above. Glacier’s Kodiak is our fully-rugged, permanent mount computer designed and engineered specifically for forklifts. We offer mobile solutions in the form of tablets and laptops if you need the ability to walk the floor, remove your computer from the forklift, or just prefer a device that can be carried.

There are hundreds of models and thousands of configurations whether you’re considering rugged tablets, laptops, forklift VMT’s, barcode scanners, handhelds, and printers. Glacier works with each customer individually to identify the appropriate device(s) for their specific environment and application. We will work with you and ask questions related to display size, sunlight readability, operating systems, options such as barcode imagers or RFID readers, 4G LTE modules; the list goes on and on. After determining the computer configuration, we will continue to lead you through available accessories, warranty upgrades, and service options.

Fixed industrial computers for manufacturing can include displays of 15”, 22” or sometimes larger. Mounted to a wall or at a desk, information can be input and retrieved via keyboard, scanner, and / or touchscreen interface. Communicating through your network via a hard-wired ethernet port or 802.11ac wireless connection keeps the operator tied to the rest of the organization. Requests for additional material, production quantity updates, and general data are all within easy reach.

The general public has long embraced the tablet or laptop computer, and the industrial world is quickly catching up. Regardless of your application, harsh operating conditions, or complex operations in the warehouse, Glacier will work with you to find the rugged industrial computer best suited for your business to gain an edge on the competition and be prepared for the future.

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