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Forklift Applications

Deploying rugged Windows and Android computers onto forklifts, stock pickers, and yard jockeys continue to be a vital component of the supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics world. Regardless of the industry or application, getting access and transmission of key data into the hands of the material handling operator is increasing efficiency, accuracy, and customer service.

Nearly 80% of all forklifts are equipped with some type of data collection hardware. These devices range from non-rugged consumer tablets to rugged tablets, to rugged all-in-one forklift computers engineered specifically for that environment and application.

Glacier recognizes this continuously growing trend and sells an array of forklift mounted computers.  When a customer mandates portability and has forklift operators who will be moving on and off the lift to accomplish their data collection and scanning operations, a rugged tablet computer is an ideal solution. These mobile functions might include narrow aisle work or cycle counting. If it is deemed that the computer will never leave the lift, the ideal solution is an all-in-one vehicle-mounted computer designed specifically for a forklift.

Tablet computers for forklift use come in a variety of styles, form factors and levels of ruggedness. It is important to note that a consumer or non-rugged tablet will cost less at the outset but the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will be much higher over several years.

The true costs of a failed or broken tablet include not only the actual replacement cost but also the downtime, lack of efficiency and IT support costs. 

A properly executed rugged tablet deployment will include a tablet engineered to MIL-STD-810F, sealed to IP 65, Gorilla Glass or equivalent display, Wifi, glove-friendly touchscreen, rugged dock with port replication, electrically isolated DC/DC power supply, and mounting arm. Options and accessories can include keyboards, integrated bar code scanners, external antennas, hand straps, RFID, and more.

With regards to an all-in-one computer, Glacier offers several options depending on the OS and the environment. Glacier forklift computer offerings include Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 IOT, and GMS-certified Android units. Screen sizes are 10” and 12”, with capacitive and resistive touchscreens, internal heaters, internal 12-48 VDC power conversion, internal UPS, multiple I/O including locking USB, external dual diversity antennas, 802.11, Wifi, and solid-state drives. 

Glacier Computer forklift units include the NEW KODIAK 10, (5th generation Glacier KodiakZebra VC8300(VC80 series), and Honeywell Thor units. Mounting options are varied and versatile as are keyboards, USB and Bluetooth scanners, and warranty coverage for any environment.

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To determine the best product for your business or request a demo please contact technical support.

Common industries and applications for Glacier Computer forklift and tablet computers include:

  • Warehouse / Distribution Center – Onboard forklift computing allows for efficient and accurate picking and putaway  in real time. Eliminating tedious and mistake-prone manual entry, forklift operators interface with the forklift computer to both receive instructions and update inventory.
  • Freight – Computers mounted onto forklifts at LTL freight terminals perform a vital function as goods are cross-docked. Cross-docking is a non-stop complicated process as freight is offloaded from one trailer and transferred to the appropriate trailer for the next leg of its journey. Forklift computers combined with bar code scanners allow the forklift operator to confirm the exact and up-to-the-minute status as the freight is unloaded and re-loaded. In addition, overweight, short and damaged information is entered, as is forklift operator productivity. Forklift computers also play a vital role in material re-weigh as they communicate directly with the forklift-mounted scale updating and billing underweight mistakes.
  • Industrial Computers For Manufacturing– Shop Floor operations often run 24/7 and usually rely on tight margins and narrow delivery windows thus mandating as much efficiency and real-time information as possible. Forklift drivers equipped with Glacier forklift computers ensure timely delivery of raw material to workstations at the touch of a button from the workstation location. In addition, finished goods are quickly moved into specific warehouse slots and inventory is instantly updated throughout the corporation.