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Public Safety

Northeast MDT serves as Glacier Computer’s exclusive public safety partner by consistently proving to be the most knowledgeable, best-equipped, and most versatile public safety computing integrator in the market. NE-MDT has been certified in an array of police, fire, and ambulance applications and provides applicable solutions for rugged computers, laptops, in-car video, and installations.
MOBILE DATA TERMINALS: Getac is the choice of numerous agencies across the US when it comes to critical in-car computing.
IN-CAR VIDEO: Getac’s body-worn in-car video solutions keep your officers connected and protected in real time and without disruption.

5-inch HD Display


VR-X20 F1

ZeroDark™ FHD Camera

ZeroDark™ FHD Dual Lens Camera

ZeroDark™ FHD Infrared Backseat Camera

INSTALLATION: All installations are performed by certified technicians.

Motorola LRP Mounted on Chevy Tahoe

Watchguard M500 Display In Car Video

Getac F110s Ready for Install

F110 on Post Mount Install - Dodge Durango

Getac F110 Dash Mount with Dash Low Prow Antenna

Getac F110 on Post Mount with Under Keyboard Printer


Rugged Laptops and Tablets for Police, Fire, EMS, and other departments

Technology in the public safety sector has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Everything from radios, body cams, armor, and tactics have changed the daily operations of police, fire, and EMS departments across the country. Arguably the biggest change that we’ve seen is the advancement of in-vehicle MDTs (mobile data terminals).

Not long ago, it was common to see a bulky computer, permanently mounted in police cruisers, fire vehicles, and ambulances while the power supplies, modems, and computing engines were often stored in the trunk. These systems took up space and offered little in the way of mobility. That has changed with the innovation of fully rugged tablet and laptop solutions.

Why Glacier Computer and Northeast MDT

Glacier Computer  along with Northeast MDT has over 20 years of proven success supplying rugged tablet and laptop MDT solutions to public safety departments across the United States.

We understand the complicated details and specific needs of the police car, fire truck, ambulance, and mobile command center. Glacier Computer and Northeast MDT have partnered with the world’s finest manufacturers to supply public safety departments and personnel with the best-rugged computers in the marketplace.

Getac, Panasonic and Zebra

Glacier is partnered with the world’s top manufacturers, all of of whom have decades of experience and knowledge geared towards public safety hardware solutions. Getac has over 100 engineers dedicated to creating practical solutions and is the leading supplier of rugged tablets in the US. The Getac lineup includes the F110, A140, and UX10 tablets as well as the V110 and S410 laptops. Their standard 3-year comprehensive warranty separates Getac from its competition.

Panasonic has earned a strong reputation with police departments across the country. Their name recognition and support services make them a standard in public safety. The Panasonic G2 and Toughbook 55 are well known throughout the industry.

Zebra’s L10 and L10A boast 1000 NIT displays, glove touch, optional detachable keyboard and optional Zebra One-Care protection.

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