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Asset Tracking

You may have been planning to leverage your rugged computing devices for a very specific application, but their flexible mix of functionality enables you to get even more value from that investment. Equipped with the latest RFID technology, your enterprise can benefit from a whole new level of data collection.

Consider Asset Tracking
Data collection may not have been on your radar – it certainly isn’t the flashiest concept, but it can deliver solid value to your organization quickly, easily, and without disruption to your other initiatives. Consider the impact when you focus this power on tracking the assets across your operations.

Why Assets?
Most organizations require some level of asset inventory to support financial reporting, production operations support/planning, procurement planning, and more.  These asset audits or inventories are typically done annually, semi-annually, or on some other periodic basis – leveraging staff on the floor.

For many organizations, inventory tasks are an interruption to normal operations – and may be viewed as an irritation, may be glossed over, or even just ignored.

Consider the cost of not knowing what you have and where you have it in terms of time and money.  If you don’t have the right resources in the right place at the right time, things can go haywire in production, in staff time, and in your budget.

The mobilePLUS Solution
mobilePLUS helps your team use rugged mobile devices to quickly audit assets –wherever they and your staff may be.  You don’t even need network coverage.

mobilePLUS leverages your existing asset data and guides your team through the inventory process. With a few scans and easy data input, your staff will have collected the most up-to-date asset information. This data is then communicated to your ERP or other business systems to support whatever planning, reporting, or budgeting that you need to complete.

Inventories that used to interrupt your team for days or weeks can now be done in a fraction of the time – with less re-work and with accurate results.

Let us show you how you can get more value from your mobile devices.  Contact us for a free solution consultation.

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