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Clean Room

Cleanrooms are controlled, sterile environments that pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare companies, and scientific labs rely on daily. These cleanrooms must adhere to strict guidelines for the safety and quality of their employees and products. Data collection technology such as rugged tablets, handheld computers, and panel-mounted PC’s have quickly become vital tools as businesses adapt to ever-changing environments.

Cleanroom Computers such as tablets and handhelds are examples of mobile devices allowing users to move freely from station to station to work in a smooth and efficient manner. Fixed-mount computers such as panel PC’s generally have displays > 15” and can attach to a cart, mounted to a specific machine, wall, or any similar surface. These solutions are typically constructed from stainless-steel sealed housings that can be sanitized with harsh chemicals while preventing the ingress of fine contaminants. 

Scanning Solutions provide the user with the ability to capture data from 1D/2D barcodes at longer ranges than traditional tablet scanners can reach. 

Data Capture is useless without reliable network communication from device to device. Tablets can be seated in a powered dock with port replication allowing users to effortlessly analyze and share the gathered information without having to exit the cleanroom. Transmitting data collected within cleanrooms via any of these computer solutions is easy and secure via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or hard-wired network options.

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