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Did You Know You Have an RFID Solution In Your Hands?
RFID may be a more viable option for your organization than you may have thought.  You may not have realized it, but the Glacier mobile device in your hands can leverage RFID.

Your Glacier mobile device, combined with the mobilePLUS solution, an attachable reader, and RFID tags, can RFID-enable your operations in a matter of days – with a small fraction of the investment required for traditional RFID environments.

Built for Flexibility
Like your hardware, mobilePLUS was designed to flex to your functional needs.  The Glacier mobilePLUS solution can help your team track whatever assets you have – wherever you have them – and trace wherever they’ve been.

Whether tagged with barcodes, 2D markings, RFID tags – or are starting with nothing at all, your Glacier mobilePLUS solution can get you on your way to electronic visibility of your assets.

A Mobile Approach to RFID
RFID often conjures up images of large portals and conveyances to track movement.  While those solutions have their benefits, they can carry enormous costs in time and investment – and offer only fixed paths for tag reads.

The fact that you own or are considering a Glacier mobile device means your environment demands flexibility – and mobility.  That doesn’t rule you out of RFID solutions.  In fact, you can actually get there faster – with a lower investment.

The first step is to determine what assets you prefer to have RFID visibility.  They may be items with a higher value, are critical to operations, have a security aspect, or for other reasons.  Once identified, mobilePLUS can assist in automating and recording the RFID tag application on the asset.

Once your assets are tagged, your Glacier mobilePLUS solution is ready to work for you.  You can audit your RFID-tagged assets especially – or fold them into your periodic inventory audits.  Other than the tags and the mobile reader attachment, you are ready to take advantage of the powerful visibility – and flexibility – of RFID.

And by leveraging the Glacier mobilePLUS solution, all of the data collected via RFID will be communicated to your ERP or business systems for immediate use.

Getting Started with Mobile RFID
There isn’t one “way” to approach RFID. The right way is the one that works the best for your team now – and allows for changes in the future.  The Glacier mobilePLUS solution will provide the asset track and trace capability so that you will always know what you have and where you have it – as well as where it has been.

Let us show you how you can expand your mobile device use with RFID.  Contact us for a free solution consultation.

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