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Field Service

Workers in the field need access to time-sensitive information and the ability to update others with data they are inputting throughout the day.  With Glacier’s line of industrial rugged computers and tablets, retrieval and transmission of information is easier and more efficient from virtually anywhere.

Glacier’s rugged Android tablet computers, rugged Windows field tablets, rugged laptop computers, and handheld computers allow mobile workers in the field to operate as if they were in a full functioning and networked office.

From construction to utilities, agriculture to waste management, maintenance services, engineering firms, inspection services, pest control, and logistics, to name a few, have all made use of Glacier’s industrial rugged computers.

Mobile applications allowing workers to stay connected and access information, allows the fieldworker, dispatcher, or manager to make the best decision based on the most pertinent data.  Schedules, delivery routes, maintenance updates, work orders, and invoices are visible and accessible in real-time over the wireless 4G LTE network.

An operator equipped with a rugged Windows or Android rugged tablet or laptop computer can be dispatched with a GPS map to a remote supplier, collect up-to-the-minute information on a parts purchase, make a record of a transaction, and transport materials to where they are needed for urgent delivery or repair.  

Service personnel process bills of material, review schematics, edit drawings, process work orders, and create invoices right at the job site. Bills can be printed in their vehicle, and directions to the next job retrieved on the spot. An address is entered in one of the field service tablet computers, and the GPS takes over, making for an efficient workday and satisfied customer.

The field can be a challenging place due to both weather and worker. Glacier tablet and laptop offerings are engineered to MIL-STD-810G, ensuring survival in the harshest conditions.  All computers are built to withstand multiple drops, vibration, extremes of temperature, humidity, and dust. 

Glacier’s rugged field computers are sealed to IP65, and their displays are readable in the direct sunlight with ratings up to 1000 nits. Internal GPS, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC are among the features designed to deliver full-blown, reliable, rugged computing power directly to field operators wherever their assignment takes them.

Industrial field service tablets are available in a variety of display sizes with numerous carry straps and cases. Vehicle and office docks allow for easy charging, connection to peripherals, and easy locking.  Rugged laptops have sealed backlit keyboards for use anytime, day or night.

Powerful Intel processors support any field service application with DRAM up to 32 GB and 2 terabyte solid-state drives.  Vehicle power adaptors, hot-swap extra-capacity batteries, and efficient electronic designs keep units connected and running thru the course of an entire shift, plus overtime.

All rugged computers come with robust warranty and support options covering accidents, including hot spare and onsite repairs.

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