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Honeywell Thor VM3A
Fully Rugged 12" Android VMT

Honeywell RT10W
Honeywell RT10W Fully-Rugged Windows Tablet
10.1” Screen – Fully-rugged Windows 10 IOT tablet

Honeywell RT10A
Honeywell RT10A is a fully rugged Android tablet computer
10.1” screen – Fully-rugged Android tablet

Honeywell Hyperion 1300G
Honeywell Hyperion Linear-Imaging Scanner
Linear-Imaging Scanner

Honeywell 1981i
Honeywell 1981i Wireless Industrial-Grade Full-Range Area-Imaging Scanner
Wireless Industrial-Grade Full-Range Area-Imaging Scanner

Honeywell 1910i
Honeywell 1910i Upgradeable Industrial-Grade Area-Imaging Scanner
Industrial-Grade Area-Imaging Scanner 


The Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions division boasts one of the largest array of data collection products in the industry.  This portfolio includes handheld computers, forklift computers, Windows and Android tablets, bar code printers, and rugged desktop and portable label printers.

Honeywell data collection hardware services industries including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, E-Commerce, infrastructure, government and defense.  Honeywell hardware is complemented by an array of software and services.

Honeywell mobile computers include the full and half-screen Thor VM1A, VM3A and VM3 covering both Windows 10 IOT as well as Android applications.  These are fully rugged 12.1” displays with touchscreens as well as a half-screen with embedded keyboard in the Thor VM1A.  Ideal for all challenging environments including a defroster feature for freezer applications.  SmartDocks for easy removal and replacement, field-replaceable front-panel, integrated DC-Dc power supply and Mobility Edge platform all make these an easy and reliable forklift computer choices.

Honeywell handhelds are represented by 12 different models ranging in screen sizes, keyboard options, scan ranges and form factors.  All are ideally suited to data collection applications inside and outside the four walls.  Merchandising, safety inspections, delivery, picking and part putaway are just samples of the applicable use cases for the Honeywell handheld family.

The new RT10 Windows and RT10 Android tablet computers are fully rugged and ready for data collection when a 10” screen size is mandated.  Whether portable of placed into a dock for forklift use, the RT10 series is designed for the job.  Both units ensure a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over a consumer device.

Finally, Honeywell rugged printers come in desktop, industrial and mobile form factors.  From low volume to ultra-high volume. From warehouse floor to delivery driver, Honeywell printers can perform around-the-clock.  Multiple label sizes and styles are supported as well wired, wireless and RFID communications.

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