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Deploying rugged Windows and Android computers to all areas of the warehouse or distribution center is now standard practice. Moving from manual data entry using pen and paper or hopping off a forklift to enter information onto a centrally located desktop computer is quickly becoming out of date. 

Warehouse, logistics, and distribution entities recognize that putting a rugged tablet into a worker’s hands increases efficiency and accuracy and improves profitability and customer service.

Glacier Computer represents an array of rugged, sealed, all-in-one, and tablet computers allowing workers instant access to corporate networks. Both Windows and Android tablet computers are being deployed every day into all environments and into all use-cases. 

Employees working on dust-filled warehouse floors, rain-soaked distribution center docks, and sub-zero food storage distribution center operations can input and retrieve data in real-time, vital to keeping the organization and the customer up to date. Information input into IP65 sealed, Windows, and Android-based tablets ensure both accuracy and efficiency. This results in greater operating margins and premium customer service response times.

Glacier offers several warehouse and distribution center vehicle-mount and tablet computers suited to applications, including food distribution, logistics, cold storage, port, and 3PL.

The Glacier Computer KODIAK is an all-in-one warehouse fully rugged computer ideally suited to meet data collection requirements while facing extremes of temperature, shock, vibration, or moisture. The KODIAK rugged computer for warehouse operations boasts an IP65 sealed housing and has been engineered to withstand wildly varying environmental conditions while providing continuous operation.

The KODIAK has been designed to MIL-STD-810F and has an integrated 12-48 VDC power supply and internal UPS.  Designed for forklift installations, the KODIAK is the best computer option when a fixed-mount, “bullet-proof” computer is needed in a warehouse or distribution center.

The KODIAK rugged computer will provide long-term computing performance in warehouse operations in the most trying environmental conditions.

Integrated 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, and an array of standard and sealed I/O ensure that all Glacier units will easily communicate and seamlessly integrate with your organization’s network infrastructure. The large LED-backlit display and Projective Capacitive touchscreens allow for an easy user interface, including gloved hand operation.

If portability is required, Glacier Computer offers an array of rugged tablet computers designed specifically for challenging environments.  These Windows and Android tablets boast numerous display sizes, glove-friendly touchscreens, integrated Wi-Fi, 4G, integrated bar code scanners, and RFID, with numerous carry and docking options. 

Whether being carried by operators or mounted onto forklifts, Glacier tablet options provide rugged, low Total Cost of Ownership choices for warehouse and distribution center personnel.

Glacier units are commonly utilized in warehouse and distribution centers, including food processing, manufacturing, logistics, inspection, security, warehousing, and freight. If a fixed-mount or mobile rugged computing platform is what your organization requires, Glacier industrial warehouse computers are designed for the job.

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