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Polar Cold Chain Technologies

Supply chain execution is always top of mind when it comes to delivering goods to the end user. While all aspects of the supply chain are critical, managing and transporting perishable items present unique challenges…time and maintaining proper temperature are the primary ones.

From the moment that food is picked, or pharmaceuticals packed, maintaining proper temperature and timely delivery is critical.

What is Cold Chain Logistics?

A cold chain is not unlike a standard supply chain where products are delivered along a series of events and transportation methods. The difference is contending with a low temperature-controlled unbroken series of refrigerated production, storage, and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics to maintain quality in a predefined temperature range. The focus is to preserve and ensure the shelf life of products such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products. Cold chain goods are perishable and are always monitored in route to their destination.

What are the links in the cold chain and where does Glacier Computer fit? Glacier Computer’s expertise in cold chain logistics lies in technology. Warehouse operations where product is put away, stored, picked, and shipped…areas where speed and accuracy are critical to maintaining shelf life and quality of the products. Glacier Computer provides cold chain technologies like rugged purpose-built forklift terminals that are designed to work in temperature ranges from -22°F to 131°F.  The Glacier KODIAK x10 forklift terminal is built to withstand the toughest of environments. Extremes of vibration, shock, salt fog, temperature, and humidity were tested to MIL-STD-810H standards, and the KODIAK x10 is sealed to IP66 and operates at high and low temperature extremes.  All internal components have extended temperature specifications and can be operated with gloved hands.  The Kodiak x10 heater/defroster ensures the unit and touchscreen always remain operational.

The Glacier KODIAK x10 is built to withstand the toughest of environments. Extremes of vibration, shock, salt fog, temperature, and humidity were tested to MIL-STD-810H standards, and the KODIAK x10 is sealed to IP66 and operates at temperature extremes from -22°F to 131°F.

In conjunction with our partners, Glacier Computer provides cold chain technologies including handheld terminals and Arctic freezer labels, designed to operate in the same temperature ranges as our forklift terminals. We call this our “POLAR” offering which includes the devices and accessories necessary for refrigerated and freezer warehouse operations. Users on forklifts, pallet jacks, or other vehicle types can quickly and efficiently execute order picking, put-aways, shipment loads, etc. to ensure customer orders are processed with the speed and accuracy cold chain logistics demands.

The CipherLab RK95 is the ideal handheld mobile computing solution for cold storage or freezer environments. Running on the latest Android operating system and today’s most powerful processor, the RK95 comes with Google enterprise-oriented certifications to ensure the device’s productivity stays efficient for now and the future.
Xtreme Performance. Xtreme Value. ID Label’s new Arctic Xtreme™ labels set the standard for cold storage rack labeling. They perform extremely well in cold, wet and subzero temperatures and conditions. And because Arctic Xtreme™ labels can be installed at temperatures as low as -20F, you won’t disrupt your operations applying them. Unlike magnet-backed labels, Arctic Xtreme™ labels stay put. And they feature a protective laminate coating to withstand daily warehouse bumps and knocks.

Links in the cold chain logistics process where Glacier excels:

  • Refrigerated warehouses and production areas
  • Freezer warehouses
  • Refrigerated transportation
  • Local refrigerated transportation
  • Refrigerated equipment at both retailer and wholesaler destination points

What are the Cold Chain Quality Standards for Refrigerated Production?

Did you know that the International Trade Administration estimates approximately $750 billion in cold chain product losses per year? To combat these losses, cold chain quality standards for refrigerated production are very important.

To learn more how Glacier Computer can help you implement or upgrade your cold chain warehouses or facilities with the latest in dependable and purpose-built technologies, contact us at contact a solutions expert at Glacier.

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