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Port Management

Receiving, sorting, routing, delivering—managing freight in the port container environment effectively can mean the difference between growing the profit margin or losing ground, and money on lost shipments. And this ultimately translates to lost customers. The port operation that succeeds is the one that deploys technology throughout key locations where data can be both gathered and transmitted in real-time.  A port operation that never handles a shipment more times than is necessary, that fills a rush order without missing a beat, or that locates a mislaid container in minutes is one step ahead of the competition.

Numerous shipping ports around the United States already put the rugged tablet and all-in-one computer solutions at their user’s fingertips in the form of Glacier industrial computers. Ultra-rugged forklift and crane installed vehicle-mounted computers, tablets and laptops provide a user-friendly, touchscreen interface with large, color display and WIFI and 4G LTE connectivity. Bar code scanners and RFID readers to identify and track freight as it moves are readily either integrated or attached. Rugged computers, rugged laptops, and rugged tablets are mounted on the wall, as well as onboard Reach Stackers, RTG, and STS Cranes. As the concept of a Smart Port continues to take shape, commercial Windows and GMS Certified Android computers regularly play an integral role in promoting smart port productivity. Glacier also provides rugged tablets that have been Navis-certified to strengthen the confidence that the user interface and system will work as designed…and create a positive user experience for the workers on the dock and in the offices.

The marine container terminal operating environment is environmentally and physically challenging. Glacier’s tough Windows and Android tablet computer offerings are built to survive in any environment.  Common challenges include salt-water, drops, shock, extremes of temperature, dirt, and general rough handling.  Our Kodiak all-in-one commercial Windows computer is a durable, touchscreen PC that can withstand the most demanding places. Equipped with a solid-state drive, integrated wireless, and an array of I/O; port operators’ interface with the Kodiak by continually entering and retrieving vital data. Container location and loading or unloading status is updated in real-time. Worker productivity and accuracy is recorded, and accountability is maintained and quickly acted upon. Customer service can update a client of their product location faster and at a more granular level than ever before. The Kodiak rugged forklift and crane Window’s computer brings unprecedented computing power and consequently distributed computing to the farthest reaches of any dock or port.

Where portability is required for dock computing operations, rugged, weatherproof, sunlight-readable tablet computers with hot-swap batteries meet these needs. Display sizes ranging from 6” to 14”, durable tablet computers capable of either Windows or Android operating systems bring local and wide-area networked computing to any challenging location. Port managers, supervisors, and anyone else in need of seeing loading status, entering damage information, or changing a task at the last minute, has a durable computing platform option from Glacier.

Options including docks, spare batteries and carry cases mean the computers are ready 24/7 year after year, regardless of the elements they face.  Glacier rugged computers ensure the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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