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Vehicle Mounted Computers

Glacier KODIAK 10
10.4" Fixed Mount Tablet, Windows or Android OS, Heater, IP66, 'x' and 'p' version

Getac UX10-IP
Fully rugged 10.1" Windows® Tablet

Zebra ET60/65
Fully rugged 10" Android tablet for mobile and fork truck applications

Zebra ET80/ET85
Fully rugged Windows® 12.1" 2-in-1 tablet

Zebra VC8300 10-Inch
Fully rugged 10" Android Forklift Terminal

Industrial Rugged Tablets and Computers

Glacier Computer manufactures and resells rugged fixed-mounted vehicle computers and mobile rugged tablet computers specifically designed to perform in challenging industrial environments. Vehicles can include forklifts, tow motors, pallet jacks, hostlers, cranes, backhoes, police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances to just name a few applications.

Glacier’s expertise in rugged vehicle-mounted computers and tablets spans an array of customers and industries. The ever-present demand to increase profits creates competitive business strategies where every bit of efficiency is vital. The speed at which data is captured and transmitted plays an important role in a business’ operations, and using purpose-built computers and tablets is an easy way to gain that edge.

The ability to get a local or wide area networked device into the hands of personnel in the field makes workers more efficient and more accurate. Entering freight data onboard a forklift in an LTL operation can include door locations, weighing, and OS&D information. In this way, customer freight information is always up to date and available; reweighs are entered into the system to ensure proper charges, and damaged goods are noted in a timely manner.

Rugged laptops and tablet computers for public safety, commonly referred to as MDT’s (Mobile Data Terminals), allow for quick and accurate entering of license and personal data into the crime database, rapid return of pertinent history and outstanding warrants, and ultimately, better officer safety. Industrial tablet computers also keep officers in the field by using a mobile device to record scenes, take photos, and write reports without having to return to the station.

The Kodiak 10 is a rugged vehicle-mount computer designed to operate in harsh real-world conditions where it is often wet and dirty and extremes of temperature, shock and vibration are standard environmental challenges. In these environments, no desktop nor consumer device will survive for long. The Kodiak is a 5th generation design based on 20+ years of vehicle computing knowledge and experiences onboard forklifts, pallet trucks, dump trucks, backhoes, cranes, and more.  It comes in two models: 

KODIAK P10 has a virtually unbreakable PCAP display

KODIAK X10 is purpose built for cold temps and gloved use

The Kodiak has an internal 12-48 vDC power converter allowing it to connect directly to any vehicle power system without the need for an external inverter. The Kodiak is tested to conquer extreme environments by being designed and tested specifically for them. Environmental testing, a projected capacitive touchscreen interface, sunlight-readable display, ample wireless options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and a host of rugged accessories will meet your extreme-condition data collection needs.

Ask a technical sales person for a demo or to walk you through the process of finding the best product for your application.