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Xemelgo is an innovative Smart Manufacturing software suite that transforms the way manufacturers operate. Leveraging the power of IoT technology, our suite helps businesses eliminate waste and improve operational efficiency.

With Xemelgo, you get real-time information, intelligent alerts, and powerful insights into all stages of production, allowing you to optimize your operations like never before.

From raw material to finished goods and beyond, Xemelgo makes it easier than ever to manage your Work-in-Process, Inventory, Assets, Shipments, and more from any web or mobile device.

Inventory Managers: With real-time visibility into raw materials and finished goods, your team will have everything that they need to win.

Production Managers: Our sensors track every work order flowing through production. You will not be blindsided by bottlenecks or stalled orders.

Supervisors: With a team that has the tools that they need to succeed, supervisors can more readily identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Maintenance Leaders: Pull out your mobile device and instantly locate any piece of calibrated equipment, cart, or chemical.

Xemelgo enables you and your team to take a generational leap forward. Xemelgo’s apps allow you to continuously assess the health of your operation and they alert you to emerging issues in real-time. Already have systems and technologies in place? No problem. These apps are designed to readily integrate with what you already have.

And Xemelgo, in conjunction with ET8x tablets from Zebra Technologies, brings real-time visibility and data-driven insight to the entire manufacturing lifecycle, including warehousing, fulfillment and shipping, and extending through the supply chain.

Cloud-based and accessible on any device, Xemelgo solutions are quick to deploy, easy to use, highly adaptable and scalable to the enterprise level. Manage facilities, operations, work orders, inventory, assets, shipping and supply chain from anywhere, anytime – 24/7 visibility for the 24/7 economy.

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