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Glacier Computer


Working in harsh environments can put a damper on the type of technology you’re able to use. Fortunately, Glacier Computer has the vehicle-mounted computers you need to keep production high without damaging expensive hardware. When you partner with Glacier Computer, you’ll have all your forklift computer solutions available in one place including drivers, product specs, and full product support. Our vehicle mounted computers are universally compatible with forklifts, delivery trucks, construction equipment and anything else that you would drive to get the job done right.

These forklift mounted computers were made to endure harsh conditions. Conditions including dust, wind, rain, below zero temperatures, shocks and tough handlers are just the start of what a forklift tablet can face. From warehouse, construction and field workforce use to delivery drivers, ports and manufacturing, the industrial tablets available at Glacier Computer are the forklift computer solutions your company will find useful.

There are many different types of forklift computer systems at Glacier Computer. Our vehicle-mounted computers can be mounted to forklifts and any other heavy equipment. They may also be used on a shop floor. The tough tablets include the KODIAK, E4500, E5000 and S9000. Additionally, we possess portable tablets that have the ability to be carried around wherever they’re needed. There are little to no limitations with these forklift computer solutions. The rugged tablets that are convenient and portable include the FUSION 7, T707, T710, and T810.

Whether you need a tough forklift tablet to give your employees the tools they need to complete a job well done, or you are looking to replace forklift mounted computers that have given into the toughness your workforce inherits, Glacier Computer can help. To purchase or learn more about our rugged, industrial forklift mounted computers, send an email to or call 603-882-1560 ext. 224 today!