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MobileDemand T1680
MobileDemand T1680 Fully Rugged Tablet
11.6” Screen - Fully Rugged Windows® Tablet

MobileDemand T1150
MobileDemand T1150 Robust Windows rugged tablet for mobile users
10" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

MobileDemand Flex10B
MobileDemand Flex10B Lightweight, Rugged, Entry Level Windows 110 Pro Tablet
10.1" Screen - Rugged Windows Tablet

MobileDemand Flex10A Android
MobileDemand xTablet A1180 is a robust 10.1” rugged tablet that runs the Android 9.0
10.1" Screen - Rugged Android Tablet

MobileDemand T1180
MobileDemand T1180 High performance in a compact, lightweight tablet
10" Screen - Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

MobileDemand T8650
MobileDemand T8650 8″ Windows Rugged Tablet
8" Screen - Rugged Windows® Tablet


Over its 15 years in the rugged tablet industry, MobileDemand has quickly established itself as a manufacturer with a very diverse tablet computer line-up at affordable costs.  MobileDemand tablets are used across all verticals including field service, public safety, construction, manufacturing, distribution and transportation. 

MobileDemand tablets range in size from 6” to 11.6” and come in both Windows 10 Pro and Android operating systems.  The Flex10A Android is a rugged 10” unit competing in the lower cost arena but where durability is still required.  The Flex10B is the Windows alternative giving users a price point under $600 for a sturdy Win 10 Pro tablet.  MobleDemand’s T1150 is a more rugged Windows unit with hot swap batteries and three-year warranty.  The T1180 raises the bar further with an Intel iSeries processor, greater DRAM and SSD capacities and three-year warranty.  Both the T1150 and T1180 are Verizon 4G Certified.

For customers interested in Android, the A1180 is a 10”, fully rugged, Android tablet again with hot swap batteries and three-year warranty.  The A1180 is GMS certified and is running Android 9.0 (Pie).

MobileDemand also excels at forklift mounting applications.  All tablets are suited to the rigors of forklift applications and MobileDemand offers and array of docks, mounting arms and DC power supplies. 

MobileDemand standard warranties cover defects in workmanship and parts failures.  Stepping up to the MobileDemand XProtect coverage adds additional protection against accidents for up to three years.

MobileDemand is all about innovation as they are constantly enhancing both their tablets as well as their accessory offerings.  MobileDemand has a global presence and a quick-response service and repair organization.

All MobileDemand tablets are designed to MIL-STD-810G and are protected against drops, vibration, extremes of temperature, dust, moisture and shock. 

Also unique to MobileDemand is a ready inventory where tablets can ship in days to satisfy nearly any quantity demand.

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