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ProGlove Wearable Barcode Scanners

Rugged, hands-free scanning

Fast, light, and ergonomic barcode scanning is always “at hand”.

ProGlove has developed the industry’s largest suite of rugged, wearable barcode scanners allowing for all-day hands-free scanning.  ProGlove wearable scanners are the smallest and lightest scanners on the market and are compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. 

The ProGlove wearable scanner family includes the Mark Basic, Mark 2, Leo, and Mark Display.  Scan ranges are from 4” to 59” depending on your particular use case.  Operating temperatures range from -4°F to 122°F.  Battery life is robust with up to 12,000 scans on a single charge with the ProGlove Mark 2.  Built to last within the most challenging applications, the ProGlove series can handle between 30 and 100 drops from over 6’ and are sealed up to IP 65, again depending on your needs. 

The Mark Display is lightweight and ergonomic and presents crucial information when workers need it most.  The Mark Basic is fast and reliable and allows for quick hands-free scanning, perfect for handling a constant flow of material on a shop floor or distribution center.  The Mark 2, like the Basic, offers both standard and mid-range configurations, the Mark 2 is faster and more rugged with more scans per charge.  The ProGlove Leo is Enterprise-ready and ideal for rolling out across an enterprise where cost and efficiency are mandatory.

All ProGlove scanners can be paired with three variations of wearable gear, including an index trigger, hand strap, and lanyard/reel.  Index trigger sizes include small, medium, and large optimized for a diverse and specialized workforce.  The reel is great for low-frequency scan environments and special glove requirements.  The hand strap is perfect for large and fluctuating workforces.

ProGlove doesn’t stop at hardware with ProGlove Insight Device Visibility and Insight Process Analytics.  Gaining insight to improve device lifecycle management and the ability to drive operational excellence thru device analytics further enhances the ProGlove efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership story.

  • Up to 12,000 scans on a single charge
  • 33% fewer errors
  • Up to 6 seconds faster per scan
  • Trigger, hand strap and lanyard carry options
  • Insight Device Visibility software
  • Receiving, picking sequencing, staging and assembly applications
  • Packing, tracing, tracking, inventory, sales, pickup and service
  • Standard and mid-range options
  • IP65 sealed, tumble and drop tested
  • Android, Windows and IOS compatible


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