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Printek FieldPro FP541

Compact and rugged mobile printer for 4” receipt, label, and ticket printing 

The Printek FieldPro FP541 is a small, lightweight, yet rugged, mobile printer, designed to improve productivity in printing while on the road, in the field or on a worksite. The FP541 is ideal for professional-looking receipts, tickets, and field sales documents.

Printek FieldPro FP541 Compact and rugged mobile printer for 4” receipt, label, and ticket printing

The Printek FieldPro FP541 is a powerful, compact, mobile printer. Available in USB, Bluetooth®, and Wi-Fi compatibilities, this printer provides users with flexibility depending on their work environment and printing needs. This printer has a printing speed of 5 ips which increases worker productivity. Built with a highly technological battery, productivity further increases, with the FieldPro FP541’s ability to print over 3,500 inches per charge. 

This compact, rugged printer uses direct thermal printing with a resolution of 203 dpi. The FieldPro FP541 is able to print receipts, labels, and tickets in a variety of settings, with operating temperatures ranging from 0° F to 122° F. This printer is built with rugged durability allowing it to survive multiple drops to concrete from 6’. 

The Printek FieldPro FP541 is an easy-to-use printer. It is easy to configure, using a web-based interface. Users can quickly tell the power and battery status by looking at the 3 LED lights on the printer. It is compatible with Windows®, Windows® Mobile, and Android™ making it a viable printer option for companies regardless of their operating systems.

  • Available in USB, Bluetooth™, and Wi-Fi versions
  • Direct thermal printing
  • 203 dpi printing resolution
  • Printing speed of up to 5 ips
  • Prints receipts, labels, and tickets up to 4.1” wide
  • Operates in temps from 0° F to 122° F
  • Survives multiple 6′ drops to concrete
  • Rechargeable 3 cell Lithium-Ion battery
  • Over 3,500 inches printed per charge
  • 2-year warranty on the entire printer (case, print head, battery)
  • 3 LED lights to indicate power and battery status
  • Buttons for power and paper feed
  • IP54 rated
  • Compatible with Windows®, Windows® Mobile, Android™, and AirPrint.


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