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Zebra DS8108/DS8178

Corded and Cordless 1D/2D Handheld Scanner 

The Zebra DS8100 series includes the DS8108 (corded) and DS8178 (cordless) scanners combine exceptional hardware and technology to read the most challenging barcodes in virtually all work environments. Ideal for POS and cashier applications allowing your checkout lines to keep moving through the day.

The Zebra DS8108 and DS8178 provide exceptional barcode readability, easy manageability, and precise technology to offer multiple work environments with high quality, industrial scanning. These scanners come with 2 different battery options, both providing users with an excellent amount of scanning time before needing to recharge. This results in higher productivity and customer happiness as cashiers work without interruption from poor or damaged barcodes

The Zebra DS8108 and DS8178 are built with technology that improves accuracy, such as the high-resolution imaging sensor and the bright “aiming spot.” They are also equipped with Multi-Code Data Formatting, which allows users to capture multiple barcodes and transmit them in the exact order an application calls for. These scanners are powered with Zebra’s DataCapture DNA which is a powerful tool that helps workers get more done each day. 

The DA8108 and DS8178 can withstand multiple drops to concrete from 6’ and can work in environments from 32 degrees F to 122 degrees F making them ideal for retail locations, hospitality environments, and some government locations. These Zebra scanners offer precise scanning capabilities, along with simplicity and ease to keep productivity high.

  • DS8108 – corded handheld scanner 
  • DS8178 – cordless handheld scanner with Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Ability to read barcodes up to 24” away 
  • High-resolution imaging sensor and bright “aiming spot” for quickness 
  • 2 interchangeable battery options: PowerPrecision+ Battery or PowerCap capacitator
  • PowerPrecision+ battery offers 3 around-the-clock days of continuous scanning
  • PowerCap offers 2,000 scans on a full charge
  • Digimarc digital watermark technology support
  • Wi-Fi Friendly Mode
  • Multi-Code Data Formatting 
  • Captures drivers licenses 
  • 123 Scan
  • DataCapture DNA
  • Operating temperature of 32 degrees F to 122 degrees F 
  • DS8108 comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Designed to withstand multiple drops to concrete from 6’


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