wolf-stareYou’ve heard the story. Big wolf. Little pigs. Three houses. Guess what? They were Warehouses for bricks, lumber, and yes—straw. The big bad wolf? That was inefficiency eating away at the bottom line.

It was becoming a serious problem.

They’d each taken it on the chinny-chin-chin and were huffing and puffing about improving profits. A much-needed equipment upgrade to go with their Warehouse Management System could do the trick. But what sort of mobile wireless solutions would help them optimize their bottom line and kick the wolf to the curb?

As one of the leaders in the industry, Glacier Computer has spent nearly two decades helping customers build some of the best solutions on the planet. Our forklift mounted computers, rugged tablets, industrial tablet PCs scanners and software solutions are increasing efficiency across an array of industries.

Even after the initial installation, your investment in a Glacier industrial computer system will provide dependability and versatility for years to come; the average life of a Glacier Computer industrial tablet PC is over 5.5 years with manufacturing repairs of less than 4%.

And if we don’t have it, we’ll either create it or source it for you!

If you’ve got a Big Bad Wolf we’ve got his number. And now you’ve got ours. 603.882.1560. Or email us at Sales@glaciercomputer.com, and live happily ever after.

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