You might not know this but Goldilocks grew up to be a warehouse manager…And yes, she tried to save money by using so-called rugged or semi-rugged tablets when the bean-counters couldn’t bear the price of a truly rugged device. But that ended up costing as much or more in repairs and downtime because the work was “too hard” and the units were “too soft.”

Then she discovered the KODIAK VMT, and it was just right…

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KODIAK is a truly rugged HALT Tested, lift mounted computer with over fifteen years of hands-on customer-driven input and innovation. The KODIAK is designed to fit into any operation right out of the box, so much so that Synnex Corporation, a leader in IT Distribution will be making it available to more than 20,000 resellers in the U.S. and Canada.

The KODIAK can run a wide range of operating systems, with fast roaming wireless, hardened touch displays, sealed and locking I/O, and pricing that can compete with both rugged and not so rugged tablets.

Synnex will also make available Glacier’s KODIAK mounting solutions and on-screen keyboard to its distribution network. OSHA compliant forklift inspection and SOTI’s MobiControl are also on tap, along with custom designed warranty programs and numerous other added services, all backed by Glacier’s innovative engineering team.

It’s no fairy tale. You can have truly rugged data collection that’s flexible and affordable, backed by the knowledge and experience of Glacier’s engineering and support team. A warehouse manager’s dream come true.

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