Every business is different, but we all share one thing in common: Ensuring worker safety and complying with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Safety checklists, procedures, and emergency plans are a necessity and a requirement, and just like the warehouse they keep safe, accuracy and productivity matter. Time saved by ensuring a safe workspace is a resource that can be redirected to more productive pursuits, and for almost 25 years, Glacier Computer has been an expert at helping manufacturing and distribution operations deploy game-changing technology configured to best suit their needs.

Now, with the added solutions from Powerfleet, we are more than ready to help you transition smoothly from paper-based systems to advanced digital platforms, empowering your team to focus more on proactive safety measures and less on paperwork.


The problems we solve
• Unplanned downtime and other events that slow operations
• Damage to inventory, equipment, and racking from a lack of accountability
• Accidents threatening your most valuable asset
• Blind, error-prone, compliance, maintenance, and utilization reporting



The benefits to you are:
• Improve the safety environment
• Optimize utilization of your fleet
• Shrink operating costs
• Avoid legal action
• Increase vehicle longevity
• Protect your brand reputation
• Boost employee morale
• Adhere to compliance standards


You can feel confident with regulatory management by intelligently streamlining compliance workflows in adherence to health and safety requirements. Prevent unqualified individuals from driving equipment. Regulate speed and other driver activities in adherence with facility criteria. Limit violations and, in turn, the potential for litigation.

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