IQ Biometrix has developed a software package called FACES.  It allows almost anyone, without ever having been trained as a forensic artist, to render a near-photo-quality composite sketch of a human face.

The package comes with 4400 different facial features, and an easy to use interface.

With an expanded database of 4,400 facial features, including new Latin, African-American and Asian components, FACES 4.0 lets you create accurate composites of either sex and any race. Selected features are blended together to produce a photo-quality composite image. New to FACES 4.0 is the ability to enhance image accuracy by choosing among three different hair tones: adding facial markings such as scars, moles, piercings, tattoos and earrings: and using hats, headwear and eyeglasses. 


The generated image can be used with facial recognition technology or to compare to images in a mug-shot database.  The software is also able to use video enhancement technology to create a composite from still frame video.  The completed “sketch” an be added to fliers or any print media for distribution.

It runs on Windows 98 or later and needs 1.2 GB of of install space, but the exported images are small.  The program should run easily on any hardware built in this century, and while they only mention Desktops and Laptops, I expect this will find more use on adequately equipped portable devices like rugged tablets that are easier to use in the field.  Used in conjunction with wireless technology sketches of suspects could be generated on site and distributed rapidly, when necessary.

The Law enforcement list price on the vendor Web Site is 599.00


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