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A-1 Packaging Solutions, Inc

A-1 Packaging Solutions, Inc

Glacier is proud to be partnered with LivePoint® from A-1 Packaging Solutions, Inc. The software offers customized RFID technology for your business. This technology consists of a three-component passive RFID system. These three components are an RFID label/tag, an antenna, and RFID reader. These tags can be scanned and locate products anywhere within a facility. This software is perfect for industries such as retail manufacturing and warehousing.

There are also several benefits of using the LivePoint® software, including reducing costly errors, increased product visibility, enhanced employee productivity, and reduced risk and loss.

At Glacier Computer, we have been supplying the rugged industrial computer market for over 20 years. Contact our experts to see if LivePoint® is the right solution for your business.

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To determine the best product for your business or request a demo please contact technical support.