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Database Development Platform

Fully customizable databases. Turn your data into useful profitable assets.

Many SMB’s with aging systems want to convert to the cloud. We specialize in data conversions, and custom applications to replace legacy apps through  our partnership with Oracle. No hardware purchase, no infrastructure to maintain, 100% value added.

3 ways we provide our loyal customers with the tools for efficiency and growth.

for greater visibility into your manufacturing processes to help streamline operations, improve efficiencies, manage complexity and grow your business.

that enable you to better serve your customers.
Expertise in both software design, and an understanding of the manufacturing challenges you face every day.

are all about getting fast answers from
knowledgeable people ~ to resolve your issues in a timely manner.

Why Choose Us

We have a story to tell about the ways we’ve helped our customers improve productivity. Our DATAFASE solutions are not only affordable and easy to implement, they can be easily tailored toward your unique business needs, increase communications and help your company function more efficiently.

Find out how Datafase developed a custom database solution that enabled Bio X Cell to process and ship more efficiently and accurately, while saving time and effort in tracking and reporting, and improving customer service.

Bio X Cell is a company that grows antibodies for research labs and distributors world-wide.  They produce, store, and track over 5,000 different clones.  Their processing stages are critical as are the storing and tracking of each vial in inventory. Prior to Datafase, Bio X Cell was tracking all of this on paper and spreadsheets, making it difficult to see updates in real-time.  Without a single integrated database, it was difficult to share live data with customers, and coordinate with other departments.

Datafase was invited to participate in a development project over four years ago to manage shipping activity and tie into the FedEx shipping software and labeling system.  After several months of development, management quickly saw the value of an integrated database platform.  Today, through the efforts of Datafase, Bio X Cell has completely transitioned to the Oracle Cloud platform as a service and converted their file-based systems into an integrated relational database.

  • Projects are initiated and designated as contract or catalog clones.
  • Processed antibodies are tracked and stored by inventory status and date created.
  • Production is tracked, and status reports are available to all levels of internal users.
  • Vials are labeled and scanned as they move throughout the process.
  • Completed product is stored and tracked by date, quantity, and inventory status code.
  • Customer orders are processed and shipped through integration with FedEx Ship Manager software.
  • Reporting of all this activity is integrated such that data from all users in the process is live and accessible to management through a fully customized user interface.

Datafase has enabled Bio X Cell to process and ship more efficiently and accurately, while saving time and effort in tracking and reporting, and improving customer service. The database application provides up-to-the-minute views for employees who are working remotely, and mobile applications make it easy for employees who are traveling and using mobile devices.

See what Bernadina Webber, Supply Manager at Bio X Cell had to say about her experience with Datafase:

“As a worldwide supplier of monoclonal antibodies to the research community, Bio X Cell is committed to the accurate and timely delivery of our temperature sensitive and costly product. We ship hundreds of packages and thousands of vials every week.

With the help of Datafase, Bio X Cell now has an indispensable tool that allows us real time visibility of our inventory, our shipments and production needs.  Our database has helped us make smarter production decisions and has streamlined our logistics and customer service functions, saving us countless man hours.  The result is time and money saved all while enhancing our ability to serve our customers quickly and accurately.” 

How it Works

A written document of specifications that includes
detailed requirements provided by you.

A review of the data requirements and structuring
of functional system specs.

Database design starts
with a conceptual model for forms, displays, transactions, data integrity and security.

Re-programming of existing databases,
correlating data to customers needs and feedback, testing, training, and installation of operational software programs.

Monitor, repair, enhance cloud storage and system support.