Advantages of Tough Tablets in the Workplace

Have you been thinking about improving the industrial computers that are used at your business with industrial tablets? There are great reasons for any business, especially business that are in a rugged environment, to think about making the switch over from computers to industrial tablets, and here’s why.


The portability of an industrial tablet is specifically designed to meet all of the demands of workers who are on the go. Employees who use computers, such as tablets, standing up shouldn’t be afraid to carrying it from location to location. This is what makes a tablet stand out the most from laptops. Not only that, but they have many great features within. There are many different components and models of industrial tablets that you can choose from, including the size. Size probably isn’t the first thing on your mind, but it can make a difference to the workers who carry around the tablet daily.

Longer life span.

Unlike a regular tablet, an industrial tablet’s life span is much longer. The point of a rugged tablet is to ensure that it will last for a long time, withstanding tough situations. This includes having the ability to withstand dirt, sand, temperature fluctuations, moisture and, most importantly, drops. Also, as a result of an industrial tablet’s longer life span, the flash drive is constructed without flaw. With shock protection for extreme working conditions at hand, you’ll be safe in knowing that rugged laptops for field work are good to go in any condition, compared to a PC, which will have a much higher percentage of failure.

Clear and efficient screens.

The screens that our industrial tablets are installed with are bright, usable and clear, no matter what condition you find yourself in. No matter if you’re inside or outside, our technology will be able to adjust to the situation. Whether you’re in a humid warehouse or in the desert, you can rest assured that our industrial tablets will provide you and your workers with a clear display screen that can fulfill all of your expectations with on-the-spot mobile technology needs.

Built-in features and add-ons.

The best part about your industrial tablet is that you can upload nearly any application you need. Applications are great on computers, but industrial tablets have great applications as well. Much of the software that is used on rugged laptops for field work can also be downloaded or specifically designed for your industrial tablet. Nearly any application can be designed for any purpose for your tablet.

Increase your capability with the rugged tablet you choose!

Although you may think that an industrial tablet is more expensive upfront compared to a regular tablet, it is well worth the money. Not only are they more convertible to their counterparts, but there are enough features to justify the purchase. Aside from the durability of an industrial tablet, it is completely designed for the setting that you work in: a factory, on the side of a mountain, a fire truck or a warehouse. The reality of an industrial tablet is pretty awesome. They can provide extra services when you need them most. Enjoy high-speed internet access, as well as secure internet connections, barcode scanners, RFID technology and even hot swappable batteries.

Tablets Work Great For Law Enforcement

Ruggedized tablets are becoming more and more popular. As jobs begin to expand and careers are being filled, there is more use now than ever before for a tablet that can handle everything from accidental drops to dust storms. But there are some jobs out there that require rugged tablets in order to complete a job well done. Law enforcement fits into this category.

You may notice that squad cars everywhere are stocked with computers. These computers usually work efficiently for officers, but in order for them to work up to speed, they need dust blown out of their circuits regularly. Often, the officer also has to shuffle through papers anyways in order keep everything organized, even with a computer! With rugged tablets, officers are able to cut down on the amount of manpower needed to perform many simple tasks in the field.

There are many different rugged tablets on the market, but many of them come fully equipped with mobile field reporting and incident command software that aids in field investigation, crowd control, security, photo evidence, cataloging and even identification card verification.

Apart from the wide variety of applications and software that our ruggedized tablets can provide for law enforcement, they also boast incredible durability. This not only assures officers that the device can handle the physicalities and pressures of any emergency situations in their demanding work environments, but because of their rugged nature, they’re stand the test of time.

Go ahead and check out the ruggedized tablets available online at Glacier Computers now and order within!

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Glacier Computer Announces New KODIAK Forklift Computer

Glacier Computer Announces New KODIAK Forklift Computer

First VMT to Support ALL Operating Systems

New Milford, CT – October 1, 2015

Glacier Computer, a leading provider of rugged industrial computing solutions, announces the addition of the KODIAK to their comprehensive line of mobile industrial computing solutions.

“The KODIAK is designed specifically for use on a forklift,” says Glacier’s Director of Engineering, Dan Poisson. “This is a device you can use in almost any fixed or mobile mount application but the design process began with addressing an unfulfilled need. Warehouse managers want the value of a tablet but need a rugged, reliable, long term lift-mounted solution. KODIAK is built to be that solution.”

The KODIAK has the ability to run multiple operating systems out of the box, including Windows 7.x or 8.x, Linux, Android, or Windows CE. It has an IP 65 sealed enclosure and comes with a hardened glass multi-touch display to reduce repairs and down-time. The 10.4″ LED display has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 178/178 viewing in either 400NIT or 800NIT, and allows for gloved operation. An Intel 1.5GHz Dual Core Intel ATOM processor and 4GB DDR3 RAM is standard, as is a fully loaded I/O, 802.11 b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth support. The integrated power supply supports AC, or DC power from 12V to 48V. Screen blanking is supported.

With its competitive features and pricing KODIAK is designed to deliver the reliability and durability of a truly rugged fixed or mobile mount device on a tablet budget.

About Glacier Computer
Glacier Computer develops versatile, rugged industrial computing solutions for harsh environments. Our primary solutions are for Forklifts, Manufacturing, Cross Dock, Food Processing and Clean Room environments. The core ingredients of the company are a knowledgeable staff, a variety of high quality/value conscious products, committed strategic partner relationships and focused customer service. Glacier employees are committed to and share in the mutual success of our business where their expertise is constantly called upon to create unique solutions for our customers. For more information about Glacier Computer’s products and services visit our website at