Ruggedized tablets are becoming more and more popular. As jobs begin to expand and careers are being filled, there is more use now than ever before for a tablet that can handle everything from accidental drops to dust storms. But there are some jobs out there that require rugged tablets in order to complete a job well done. Law enforcement fits into this category.

You may notice that squad cars everywhere are stocked with computers. These computers usually work efficiently for officers, but in order for them to work up to speed, they need dust blown out of their circuits regularly. Often, the officer also has to shuffle through papers anyways in order keep everything organized, even with a computer! With rugged tablets, officers are able to cut down on the amount of manpower needed to perform many simple tasks in the field.

There are many different rugged tablets on the market, but many of them come fully equipped with mobile field reporting and incident command software that aids in field investigation, crowd control, security, photo evidence, cataloging and even identification card verification.

Apart from the wide variety of applications and software that our ruggedized tablets can provide for law enforcement, they also boast incredible durability. This not only assures officers that the device can handle the physicalities and pressures of any emergency situations in their demanding work environments, but because of their rugged nature, they’re stand the test of time.

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