Your employees need tools that can survive the work place, you need something more.  You want rugged devices and superior customer service.  You don’t just need equipment that can survive bouncing around in a cab, a three foot drop, or thousands of hours of vibration, bumps, and impacts.  You need a partner dedicated to solving your problems.

Glacier computer has always been that partner.

We are successful at selling a wide range of rugged solutions because we focus on customers first.

Our persona quickly developed as one of immediate service and response. People would call us, and in minutes, someone would get back to them. It was no surprise how appreciative customers were to this level of service.   –Ron D’Ambrosio CEO, Glacier Computer.

Glacier’s success continues to turn on our focus on customer service and penchant for saying yes to everything of reason.  Someone will get back to you right away.  If you come to us with your technology problem we’ll try to hunt down a solution even if one has not been created yet.

It is difficult to put a price on that but we do it every day, in a competitive marketplace, dancing our way around the sluggish behemoths.

This, (blistering fast customer service) combined with more robust product offerings, means customers get the expertise of a market giant with the service focus of a small company. “Today, we’re still one of those little guys, but we are able to offer world-class products and service,” D’Ambrosio states.

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