Dear Glacier Customers …

If you are considering a technology refresh for outdated or inefficient devices, please consider Glacier Computer for your data collection and identification technology solutions.

For over 23 years, many have benefited from our consultive input on the very best rugged computing hardware solutions. Our traditional product offerings will continue to include forklift-mounted terminals, rugged tablets, wearable and barcode scanners, printers, and handheld computers.

Wait, There’s More.

To this, we have added select partners that enable us to offer specific market solutions for asset management, RFID, cold chain, Hazardous environments, mobile applications for SAP, video capture, Mobile Data Terminals, and purpose-built custom product development. These solutions will provide a measurable improvement in productivity and labor efficiency.


Why Glacier:

  • Over 23 years of experience and expertise in the automated data collection and mobility space
  • Manufacturer of our own 6th generation forklift terminals and reseller of major OEM rugged tablets
  • One stop for all your rugged computing hardware needs
  • Flexibility in display size, OS, WiFi, cellular, bar code scanning, RFID and other input
  • Guidance on various mounting options for vehicles in the logistics and transportation sectors, including – warehouse forklifts, pallet jacks, yard trucks, and other vehicle types
  • Work closely and are part of the total solutions provided by ISVs and systems integrators
  • Ability to provide evaluation units from our demo pool to test your applications and use cases


If you are looking to upgrade current technology or explore what new solutions are available for your business, then contact Glacier Computer at 866-724-6257 x6 or visit our website