Create Time By Upgrading Your Computers

Have you always wondered what your employees would do with their spare time at work if they had it? Running back and forth between their desktop computer and then back to driving their forklift can cause your workers to lose precious time – precious time that they could be applying to another task at hand. Are you wanting to give your employees an opportunity to save some time while out on the warehouse floor? If so, Glacier Computer is the right place for you to be.

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Why are your employees losing valuable time at work? Is it because the computer they have to use is sitting on a desk on the other side of the warehouse? Or, is it because the technology you allow them to use is slow and/or becomes damaged by the harsh environment, not to mention from the employees who handle them?

Our Solutions

Glacier Computer has a solution: Industrial grade computers. The industrial tablets we carry vary from forklift computers and warehouse tablets to construction and field workforce tablets. We carry the most rugged tablets available on the market so you have choices that will make you and your employees’ jobs much more efficient. Does this sound like something that could free up some time to get more work completed throughout a single workday?

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We suggest you take a look at all of the incredible industries our industrial tablets serve, as well as the applications available on each. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions or concerns regarding our industrial products that were made to be tough and save time.

Think Twice Before Purchasing a Flimsy Tablet

Without thinking twice, you can purchase a tablet and use it day-in and day-out. But just as quickly as saying hello, you could be saying goodbye. In our previous posts, we started giving our rugged tablet readers the fastest ways they could be saying goodbye to their beloved tablet too soon if they don’t go rugged. Catch up here, and then continue reading.


  1. Flashing the incorrect ROM. Did you know that there are a variety of ROMs out there for Android tablets? If you have the wrong ROM, you could be wreaking havoc on your device. So be sure you’re using the correct ROM for your device, or better yet, buy a rugged tablet that has all of the software you need already on it.
  2. Getting it wet. Obviously, one of the easiest ways to damage your tablet is by spilling any type of liquid on it. Whether you’re an avid coffee drinker and you spill your cup of Joe on it, or you drop it in a puddle while working outside, tablets usually aren’t made for water.

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For many reasons, you should be buying a rugged tablet. The tablets available at Glacier Computer are by far the best tough tablets available in the industry. With our craftsmanship and great customer service, we know we can provide you with the toughest tablet around. Learn more when you visit our products page online now!

Excellent Ways To Say Farewell to Your Tablet

kodiqaklinux rugged tablet plugAs you may know by now, tablets are fragile and should be handled with care. For many folks, tablets don’t last very long, and there are plenty of reasons why. If you’re someone who works in an environment in which a tablet won’t survive for long, you need our rugged tablets. Our rugged tablets have proven to be able to stand the test of time in all different types of environments. So, where does your tablet seem to fail you? Here are more ways that you may just ruin your not-so-tough tablet:

10 Easy Ways to Completely Ruin Your Not-So-Tough Tablet

  1. Watch where you plug it! Carelessly plugging in the power source to your tablet can cause you some serious problems. If you have never been great at plugging in those micro USB connectors, you may have damaged either the tablet or the power cord. If you’re someone who has fallen victim to this crisis, you would definitely enjoy the power and toughness of a rugged tablet.
  1. Say no to pockets. Pocket dwelling kills the life of smaller tablets and smartphones. We understand that not all tablets will fit into your back pocket, but even carrying them around and placing force on them with your movements could be just enough to snap your tablet in half, causing you grief. Instead of risking this possibility, buy a rugged tablet that can’t break!

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Learn more about our rugged tablets when you join us online today. Stay tuned for two more ways you could be saying farewell to your tablet all too soon.

Most Common Ways To Break Your Tablet

industrial tabletsJust like smartphones, tablets are fragile and very susceptible to breaks. For this reason, Glacier Computers has made it a point to make the best industrial tablets for use in a warehouse, a job site or for personal reasons; it’s up to you! But what would make you want to buy an industrial tablet at all? Well, if you’re rough with tablets, it’s not uncommon for them to break, which leads us into today’s focus: The most common ways tablets are destroyed. But first, catch up by reading some previous posts that explained the first four ways to ruin your tablet.

10 Easy Ways to Completely Ruin Your Not-So-Tough Tablet

  1. Leaving it running…all the time. Look, we understand that it can seem scary to shut off a device that you use all of the time, but it’s important to let your device rest, just like yourself. Our tablets work, and work, and work and work some more! In fact, many of us use tablets more than our desktop computers, so it makes sense to leave them on all of the time, right? Wrong! Let your tablet rest, even your industrial tablet. Not letting them get some much need power rejuvenation can cause your tablet to perform slower.
  1. SIM card lock botch. Let’s face it, everyone loves privacy, but there is no need to lock the SIM card on your device, especially if you’re using a tablet for industrial purposes. In fact, a SIM card that has been botched is completely useless, which in turn makes your device useless. Yes, you can replace the SIM in your tablet, but it won’t be able to function without it.

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Actions That Break Tablets

Are you an individual who has always been rough on tablets, smartphones or any other handheld device? If so, our team has created a solution to make your life better, and less damaging. Whether you work in an industry that requires rugged tablets or you’re an individual who would love to own a tablet that can withstand tough circumstances, we have the products you’ll find useful. But if you aren’t sure that a tough tablet is for you, it’s time to learn about certain actions that can take down your tablet once and for all. In our previous post, we gave you two ways to completely ruin your not-so-tough tablet; here are more:

10 Easy Ways to Completely Ruin Your Not-So-Tough Tablet

Oil Worker and Internet rugged tablet
Oil Worker and Internet
  1. Ignoring the device’s malware. Did you know that malware is not just for desktop computers? That’s right; malware can be used on nearly any device: Tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. But it’s important that you understand there are certain malwares to use and to ignore. There are some malware programs that pose a threat to your device, so make sure you contact the industry leaders at Glacier Computers to learn about the types of malware fit for your tablet.
  1. Cramming it full of unneeded, unused and unwanted material. Whether you have a ton of space to use or not much at all, it’s important that you only keep applications on your tablet that you will actually use. If you your device is chock-full of applications that you won’t use, your device may begin to malfunction.

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How To Destroy Your Tablet

From getting in the hands of your kids to environmentally hazardous jobs, tablets can take a beating. One of the best ways to make sure you have a tablet that lasts is by purchasing a durable tablet you know can withstand the test of time, and the elements. With a tough tablet, you can rest assured that all of your worries will disintegrate. But what if you don’t have a tough tablet? What types of hazards do you face?kodiakglacier4 tough tablet

10 Easy Ways to Completely Ruin Your Not-So-Tough Tablet

  1. Expose it to elements. If you’ve ever left your smartphone out in the hot sun to bake or let it freeze in the winter, you probably know that it automatically shuts off. Well, the same goes for tablets, and it’s extremely damaging. Leaving your tablet out in the sun can cause it to overheat, which is much worse than leaving it out in the cold. Tablets tend to automatically shut down when they reach temperatures of -40 degrees or 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Rooting tablets. Have you ever heard of rooting a smartphone? Rooting is a technique used to gain access to the root of your device. This means that you will enhance your devices privileges. Well, the same goes for tablets. They can be rooted, but improper rooting can break the device, leaving it useless. So, if you’re going to root something, root carefully because you could easily end up breaking your not-so-tough tablet.

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