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KODAIK Supports multiple Operating systems

Your business no longer has to delay a critical hardware purchase because that hardware may not run the next operating system or platform upgrade.  KODIAK is built to run the latest versions and the widest range of operating systems of any VMT, right out of the box. Check it out at MODEX, April 4th through the 7th.

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Intelligent forklifts reshape the warehouse

Modern smart forklifts include diagnostics that allow the equipment to signal when it needs to be serviced, control speed, prevent slipping by monitoring wheel spin and traction on slick floors, avoid collisions – and much more.

Smart forklifts promote new process flows in the warehouse. When integrated to a warehouse management system (WMS), the forklift’s fork can be raised or lowered more quickly. The WMS directs a forklift to a pick location. Once at the location, the forklift knows whether the pallet to be picked is being stored at a height of three feet, six feet, or whatever. The operator pushes a button on the console and the forks move at the maximum safe speed, a speed considerably faster than the operator would be apt to move them.

Speed controls can be used to help ensure safety. For example, RFID tags placed in the floor can signal the forklift that this is a busy section of a warehouse traversed by people. The forklift automatically knows it cannot exceed a set speed, for example 2 mph, and the governor automatically limits the top speed in those sections of the warehouse.

In mixed case picking, smart forklifts can integrate with pickers wearing voice systems, follow them up an aisle, lift the pallet to the correct ergonomic height for picking, based upon the location of the inventory in the warehouse racking, and then, when ordered to do so, autonomously (without a human driver) make the trip to a shipping dock for unloading.

The most intelligent smart forklifts today are built with real-time location systems that allow drivers to proceed to a specified location and pick up today (or put down) a load without the need for the driver to scan the location to prove that they have picked up (or delivered) the right load. This solution is designed for full pallet moves in either a warehouse with racks or a bulk warehouse in which pallets are stacked on top of each other.

When logistics professionals have thought about warehouse management (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS), we have traditionally visualized a WCS as the system controlling the move logic for conveyors, sortation devices, carousals and other forms of stationary materials handling. We have not seen a WCS as playing a role in controlling/influencing forklift moves. But a smart forklift that integrates through a control layer to some of the logic in a WMS to move its forks faster and more efficiently is engaged in a move activity. That means intelligent forklifts need to be part of a larger warehouse control solution.

In an era of distributed intelligence, a robotic revolution and an environment in which new forms of “goods-to-man” automation are arising, it is inevitable that we will see value migrate from certain types of solution providers to others. Value is beginning to migrate toward more mobile (non-bolted down) forms of materials handling used in goods-to-man processes.

WMS and materials handling suppliers providing WCS solutions which can treat a forklift as an advanced form of automation, allow companies to add new forms of automation while protecting the WMS upgrade path and provide logic that helps optimize throughput (even in warehouses where bottlenecks may shift over time between manual and materials handling system choke points) will be the winners in this brave new world.

Can Dust Cause Damage To Technology?

Contrary to popular belief, dust can cause you a litany of problems if it surrounds your electronic components. In our previous post, we explained how dust damages your tough tablet PC, which is just one more reason to purchase an industrial tablet that can handle dust particles like a champ. So, why is dust rough on technology?

Several reasons why dust is bad for technology:kodiak industrial tablet

  1. Dust removes connections. While this isn’t the case all of the time, dust is a culprit of causing shorts and poor contact in switches, connectors and relays. With poor connections, information can get to where it needs to go, leaving you with a useless electronic component.
  2. Dust can cause arcing in much higher voltage applications. Earlier, we mentioned that dust can cause your device to overheat. Because dust insulates, there’s a chance that if your electronic component, such as a tablet, is dusty, it may overheat. Overheating can cause your device to arc which is just another way of saying that it is useless.
  3. Dust can cause your industrial strength tablet to become more difficult to use and even service. It’s important to keep your electronic devices in good shape in case of a service. If your device is overpopulated with dust, it becomes a bit trickier to repair. Plus, have you ever tried using a dusty touchscreen? It feels almost impossible.

Are you convinced?

Have we convinced you to think about purchasing an industrial tablet that can handle all of the dust in the environment you work in? We welcome you to check out all our industrial-strength, dust-proof tablets today! Contact us if you have any questions.

Why is Dust Bad For Your Tablet?

Dust is everywhere. With each human shedding ¾ of an ounce of skin a day, there is plenty of dust to go around. All of these flakes add up and can cause dust to form. However, this isn’t the only type of compound that causes dust to form. Dust can come from blowing dirt, pollen, molds, bacteria, animal dander, hair, fibers, insulation, dust mites, decomposing insects, but again, most commonly dust is caused by skin flakes that we all are culprits of shedding. If you work in an industry where technology is prevalent, this can become a problem. Dust has many different impacts on electronic components, which is just one reason why a tough tablet PC may be your best bet for succeeding at a task. So, what are the reasons why buying a tough tablet PC may be the best option for you to avoid dust?

Dust is rough on technology for the following reasons:

  1. Dust can cause your device, whatever it may be, to overheat. When dust accumulates inside of a device, it ends up insulating it. Avoid this by keeping your device dust-free at all times. However, sometimes this is just not an option for employees who work in a dusty environment. When you can’t get away from the dust, stop worrying and purchase a dust-proof rugged tablet.
  2. Dust can attract moisture. Everyone knows that moisture is bad for electronic components, but dust can actually cause the leakage problem. Did you know that moisture is attracted to dust? If your device gets dusty and soaks up moisture, you could have a leakage problem on your hands.

Contact Us!

Don’t go anywhere just yet, learn more reasons why dust is rough on technology in our next blog. If you’ve had enough and are ready to purchase your rugged tablet to avoid dust altogether, check out our most popular tablet!

Glacier Computer to Highlight KODIAK Forklift Computer at MODEX 2016

KODIAK Forklift ComputerGlacier Computer returns to MODEX 2016, April 4th-7th, highlighting the Kodiak our 5th Generation forklift computer!

For over 15 years, Glacier Computer industrial hardware has been relied upon by many of the nations top companies spanning a wide array of industries and applications.  Glacier forklift computers in particular provide mission critical 24/7 data transmission and retrieval in environments including warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, food production and transportation.


The new Kodiak forklift computer represents 15 years of real-world experience, engineering, and customer feedback. Boasting multiple display sizes, efficient processing power, and internal power supply and UPS, the Kodiak stands up against any competitive unit in the market. No other all-in-one device can readily run as many operating systems thus allowing for easy integration and forward migration into any customer’s computing environment. And, the Kodiak sets a new benchmark for price, making it the most cost effective forklift unit in the industry.


We also recognize the exponentially growing need for portability and the significant requirement for getting rugged computing in the hands of mobile workers. These include shop floor, field service, cross dock, warehouse, and manufacturing personnel. Glacier Computer can field any question you may have when it comes to tablet computers. We know the market, the choices and the options. We represent the best rugged tablet and rugged laptops ready to meet all of your portable data collection needs.