The Fusion 7 Rugged Android Explained

Is it time to upgrade your company’s computing system with tough tablet that can be used on the fly? It’s harder than ever before to use a dainty laptop or tablet for business, especially when you’re in the field. It’s important to remember that, even if you’re in the field, you can and should have access to the technology that you need. Don’t let the field hinder you from accessing the system and tools you need from technology!

One of the most sought after tough tablets out there is the Fusion 7 Rugged Android Tablet. This incredibly tough tablet has features that every field worker will be excited about.

The Fusion 7 Rugged Android Tablet Product features include:

  • 3G options
  • Bluetooth
  • 7” multi-touch screen
  • Front facing camera (2.0M)
  • Rear facing camera (8.0M)
  • RFID
  • Battery that lasts for 8 hours
  • IP65 rating
  • 802.11 software

This rugged tablet was designed for a field worker and for companies who are looking to extend the life of the computers they use to collect data and more. Expect the Fusion 7 Android Tablet to thrive in any environment you put it in. Whether that be in extreme temperatures, in high levels of moisture or with intense vibration and shock, our tough tablet can handle it all. Check it out for yourself online now, and contact us to request your free demo. Have questions? Feel free to give the professionals at Glacier Computer a call!

Introducing Industrial Technology

Trying to use technology in the field can be hard, especially if you’re using a fragile device. Laptops and tablets usually aren’t made for field work, but the outdoor industrial tablets available at Glacier Computer are far from what you’d ever imagined. If you’re in an industry that hasn’t made the switch over to our rugged tablets, you may want to start soon!

We are the proud provider of rugged tablets to many industries. Industries that we provide for include construction,utilities, agriculture, waste management and more. Many industries love using our Glacier’s Ridgeline products. They are not only able to stay connected via high-speed internet, but they have all the systems they need to input information without trouble. Whether your business entails providing a tablet for a manager who needs it for adjusting worker’s schedules or recording data in the field, know that there is an outdoor industrial computer for every need.

The products that we’re proud to provide for field service include the Fusion 7, T707, T710 and T810. These related products were made for a tough place. In fact, we’ve even fired bullets at our PDAs, dropped them from high distances and more to make sure they’re up for the task of providing users with fast-speed responses and application access that they need. Contact us online today to learn more about our field service products and order yours today!

Pros of Tough Tablets

Tablets are a great way to get work done, especially on the go. But if you have always used a laptop to get work done on the fly, you may want to rethink your strategy. At Glacier Computer, we provide tough tablets for any company that needs them. And with so many choices available out there, are you sure you know which would be the best choice for you? After all, if you’ve been using a laptop for so long, you may be wary about switching your workers over to rugged tablet PCs.

Pros of Tough Tablets


Obviously, one great attribute that tough tablets have is the ability to be mobile. Take your tough tablet anywhere you go. It can be tough to take your computer up the side of a mountain, but with one of our tough tablets, you can put it in a small pack and do business as necessary.


When choosing a tablet, you need to be sure you know what type of tablet you’d like. There are tough tablets and then there are standard tablets for use at home. If you’re looking to go on adventures, use your tablet for business or be walking around with a tablet, we suggest that you look into getting a tough tablet.

Applications.Tough tablet perfect for any job.

Although laptops have a variety of applications to choose from, mobile devices, such as tough laptops, also have many applications that are suitable for businesses. There are even companies that can create an application for you to use that is specifically for your business. So, don’t fret about what type of business you can perform on one of our rugged tablet PCs.

Clear Screen.

This pro may depend on what tablet you look at, but our tough tablets have clear screens. So clear that it doesn’t matter whether you’re in unimaginable conditions or in the darkest room, you’ll have a clear view of your tough tablet’s screen. You will also have precise control with touch screen capabilities like never before. Have you ever had precise control on a tough tablet that was shockproof? We didn’t think so.

Screen Size.

Many folks who consider using tablets are concerned about the screen size. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this with any of our tough tablets. Choose a tablet in a size that is right for you, and have the ability to brighten the screen or make the font bigger to make it easier to view.


It’s great to know that you’ll be using a tablet that is simple to use! Our tough tablets are pretty self explanatory to use, and it doesn’t take much knowledge to understand how they work. You can choose which applications you’d like to use on your tablet, making it more user-friendly than ever. So don’t worry if you’re not very technically savvy, tablets tend to be less complicated than laptops.

Web browsing.

When people think about tablets, they don’t realize that web browsing is still a viable option. When you decide to purchase a tough tablet from Glacier Computer, you’ll be happy to know that you can browse the web just like on your computer. High-speed, HD internet is available on our tough tablets, so don’t worry about not being able to access documents or research anything on the fly, we’ve got you covered!


There are many different software programs that are intended for use on tough tablets. These software programs can work the same way as they do on a computer, but are built for easier and faster use that’s always on the go. Don’t be shy when checking out the software programs our customers have used in the past. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

At the end of the day, it’s important that you understand what your needs and wants are in a tablet. If you’re looking for a tablet that is tough and can endure some abuse, our tablets were made for you and your business. We invite you to check out all of the great models of tough tablets available online with us now! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.