Shock and Vibration – The Everest Shake Test

Shock and Vibration can wreck a typical computer in short order.  They are not designed from the board up to withstand that kind of use.  They are meant to sit next to your desk and collect dust.  But the Everest Vehicle Mount Terminals are HALT tested, and engineered to continue working in the most extreme environments.

To ensure continued reliability, we regularly shake test them.  To do this you mount them to a shake table that vibrates at different frequencies.  You strap them in, start it up, and leave it for a while.  Maybe you shake it for a few hours, or even overnight, to ensure that vehicle vibration or shock will not cause a malfunction.  But you can’t exactly see that shaking on camera.  Modern anti-shake technology in today’s portable video cameras, make showing that vibration to you even harder.  So we added some ‘accessories’ to give you a sense of what a shake table does.

Then we recorded it for you.