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You’ve Got a Rugged Environment – Glacier’s Got a Solution

bannerPortDid you know that Glacier Computers are found in ports around the United States? We help port managers put logistics solutions at their operator’s fingertips.

Your “Marine Operating environment” may not be a port but if proximity to lakes, rivers, streams, fog, high humidity, or even clumsy coffee drinkers pose a threat to your hardware and your operation, Glacier has a solution. We can help you beat the heat, extreme heat, extreme cold, shock, vibration, or any combination of conditions that pose a threat to data collection and productivity.

Check out the Port Management page or any of our other Industry/Applications like Forklift, Warehouse, Freight, Manufacturing, Food Processing, or Public Safety – we even offer data collection solutions for Class I Division II environments. Pick a product and request a free demo.

You’ve got a rugged environment; Glacier’s got a solution. 


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