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Zebra ZD420

A leading desktop printer due to its application flexibility and low total cost of ownership (TCO)

The Zebra ZD460 4-inch desktop printer offers simplicity in printing with intuitive features, application flexibility, and remote manageability.

Zebra ZD420 is an easy-to-use, high-performance, intuitive desktop printer

The Zebra ZD420 is an easy-to-use, high-performance, intuitive desktop printer. With easy-to-use technology, this printing device is extremely easy to manage. The ZD420 is designed with the Link-OS operating system, providing easy management of all printers from a single location. Built with a USB host port, the Zebra ZD420 can connect to external devices such as keyboards and scanners. The ZD420 is also equipped with AVS, which allows users to see basic health information about the printer(s) and proactively take steps to keep the printers up and running.

The ZD420 is a durable desktop printer, able to operate in temperatures from 40 degrees F to 105 degrees F. The Zebra ZD420 is built with a battery that provides power to support a full shift of printing as maximum speed. With the option to remove the desktop batter, the ZD420 can be transported on a cart throughout the work environment to increase productivity and task accuracy. Also available in a healthcare model, the ZD420 can be ready for disinfectant and is equipped with UV resistant plastics.

The ENERGY STAR qualified Zebra ZD420 is designed with technology that makes for an exceptionally simple and easy to manage desktop printer. This printer is ideal for various locations due to its flexibility, high-resolution printing, and cordless battery option. The ZD420 is a great option for government environments, retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and light manufacturing work centers.

  • Thermal transfer or direct thermal printing
  • 203 dpi resolution (300 dpi option)
  • Maximum print width:
  • 4.09” for 203 dpi
  • 4.27” for 300 dpi
  • Maximum print speed:
  • 6” per second for 203 dpi
  • 4” per second for 300 dpi
  • Operating temperature 40 degrees F to 105 degrees F
  • Battery provides power to support a full shift of printing at maximum print speed; supports all media handling options
  • ZKDU keyboard display units for stand-alone printing
  • Attached power supply accessory for cord-free installation
  • ZPL and EPL programming languages
  • 5 status icon, 3 button user interface
  • USB 2.0, USB Host
  • Optional Ethernet or serial and a dual wireless radio offers latest wireless options
  • Dual-wall frame construction
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Print Touch – pair and print from compatible mobile devices
  • Link-OS operating system
  • Optional Printer Profile Manager Enterprise
  • Asset Visibility Service (AVS)
  • Zebra Print DNA
  • Available in a healthcare model – ready for disinfectant, with UV resistant plastics

Available Accessories

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