Amherst, NH – February 9, 2009

The new Everest E4000 combines the most commonly requested features in a package optimized for value and rugged computer performance.

The new Everest E4000 leverages the rugged flexible computing platform made popular by the original Everest (now Everest 5000) rugged computer. Users can choose from a wide range of processor and screen size options to meet their needs. The E4000 configuration has been re-engineered to incorporate the features most commonly requested by warehouse, freight, and shop floor customers, states Dan Poisson, Glacier Director of Engineering.

The E4000 provides a solution for those customers in the warehouse, supply chain or shop floor environment in need of an industrial computer that will stand up to the punishment inflicted by harsh working conditions. The new rugged computer unit continues the Everest tradition of offering multiple screen sizes (10, 12 and 15 inch) as well as multiple processor and operating system options, including Windows XP Pro, XP Embedded, and a fully supported version of Linux.

The new E4000 joins the Everest family of rugged computer products newly designated with alphanumeric monikers to aid customers and channel partners. The Everest line of products answers the needs of customers requiring rugged computers that are fixed mounted to a vehicle or on a shop floor.

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