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Glacier End of Life Announcement for E4500 and E5000 Everest Computers

Glacier Computer is committed to helping customers maintain their competitive advantage by developing rugged mobile data collection solutions that provide operational efficiency and superior value.

Product End of Life (EOL) and technology evolution are key components of that strategy and Glacier’s Everest E5000, and E4500 rugged terminals have reached a point in their life cycle where components are not as readily available.

We are initiating a notice of last time purchase until July 31, 2017. After that date, there is no guaranty of consistent product availability. We will continue to accommodate repair requests and existing warranties for these products for as long as parts are available while working with customers to develop a roadmap for product migration.

The most direct replacement for the Everest is Glacier’s all new, 6th generation, vehicle-mount terminal, the Kodiak.

The most direct replacement for the Everest is Glacier’s all new, 6th generation, vehicle-mount terminal, the Kodiak. The Kodiak has many of the same features that allowed the Everest to remain a competitive product along with several new attributes that excel over its competition.

Glacier Computer offers a dynamic range of computing solutions to help every customer transition to next-generation technology including rugged tablets and laptops.

Please call 866.724.6257 or contact sales or support with questions, or visit us at Glacier

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