Managing Microsoft’s Transition to Windows 11

As part of Microsoft’s most recent transition to the Windows 11 operating system, Glacier Computer is no longer able to provide our customers with Windows 10 licenses. However, per Microsoft-approved policies, Glacier can sell our customers Windows 11 licenses and downgrade those licenses to Windows 10. 

All existing Windows 10 images remain available for shipment under the Microsoft Windows 11 downgrade rights.

If you are ready to transition to the new OS, Glacier’s KODIAK Rugged Computer has been successfully running the Windows 11 Pro OS for months in the real world at customer sites around the country.

Windows 10 customers can rest assured that we will continue to have access to bug fixes and security update support through October 14, 2025.

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A Better Way to Reduce Supply Chain Product Losses


The International Trade Administration estimates approximately $750 billion in perishable product losses annually. Whether it is fresh produce, seafood, frozen food, or chemicals and pharmaceuticals, these supply chains require reliable hardware and real-time data that keeps product moving.

Keep the iPad in the lunchroom as it simply is not suited to this environment. The Glacier KODIAK x10 rugged computer is specifically engineered to meet the demands of refrigerated and freezer environments.

Whether on a forklift, pallet jack, or warehouse wall, the Kodiak x10 is engineered to live and work in cold environments. The x10 is equipped with a heated display for frost and fog-free operation and allows operators to use heavy gloves while the 12-48VDC integrated power supply, internal UPS, sealed I/O and integrated mounting system make the Kodiak x10 your ideal solution.

Talk to an expert about the full complement of products for your cold chain solution.