The Problems With Powering Lift Mounted Tablets

Forklift mounted computers need power. That power comes from the lift’s DC battery. What you can connect and for how long can change from lift to lift. Computers running on electric lifts will have a different impact on the relationship from those mounted to a diesel powered lift.  And what are you asking that device to do once you’ve connected it?

Whatever you ask, when it comes to lifts, tablets present more challenges and require more equipment to power than a purpose-built lift mounted computer. Tablets require a docking station, power converters and filters, and all the additional mounts, cabling, and harnesses needed to keep those components from interfering with the moving parts on the lift.

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New Milford, CT- Glacier Computer, a leading designer, developer, and supplier of rugged industrial PC-compatible devices has supplied rugged computers for use in the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie starring Christian Bale as John Connor. Glacier was contacted last spring by product placement company, Jaffe Entertainment of Los Angeles, CA and was asked to provide rugged computers for use in the movie.

Glacier worked closely with representatives from the film’s production company to supply an array of possible computers to be used in the film. Set in a post-apocalyptic 2018 world, the film’s set director, Victor Zolfo, wanted computers that looked rugged and futuristic.

“We were excited by the opportunity and sent several different units to the studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the movie was being filmed, states John Geary, Vice President for Glacier. We conversed numerous times throughout the production and ultimately provided hardware that was used by characters in the film. When the hardware was returned, it was still painted to look like it had been through a war which was neat for everyone at Glacier to see,” said Geary.

Terminator Salvation is set to open on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th. The film is Directed by McG who also directed Superman and Charlies Angels. In addition to Christian Bale, the film stars Sam Worthington and Arnold Schwarzenegger provides the voice of the T-800 Model 101 cyborg Terminator.

About Glacier Computer
Glacier Computer designs and develops versatile, rugged industrial computer systems for harsh environments in a variety of markets, including LTL crossdock, distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and more. With its in-depth knowledge and experience in the industrial computing arena, Glacier takes pride in its ability to provide quality products and exceptional customer service to meet customers’ needs. For more information about Glacier Computer’s Everest, GX-Series, Ridgeline Series or other products, please contact John Geary at (603) 882-1560 x. 212, email, or visit