Your Boss Has No Idea…

CBS Undercover Boss CEO -Oriental Trading CompanySupply Chain Digest has a story on the CBS show “Undercover Boss,” that hits close to home.  A CEO of a large company spends some ‘quality time’ at one of his Distribution Centers (DC), only to find out that it’s really hard work.  We do a lot of work with and in DC’s so we could have told you that.

For the second time, the popular CBS show Undercover Boss planted a CEO inside one of his company’s distribution centers, and once again – to no surprise – found the work a lot more challenging than he imagined. But this time, the message was a little darker: working in a distribution center is just not really a very good job.

I have personal experience working for a major international shipper, so I can tell you just how hard the work is.  But I can also tell you that no matter where the job, from food service to the shipping business, the moment you are elevated out of the day to day, you can eventually lose track of what it is like and just how challenging it can be.  I suppose that makes the show that much more interesting to watch.

The entire article is worth reading.