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Glacier Computer


Glacier Computer Application Software Solutions

Develops industry-leading technology that solves the unique challenges involved in managing, securing, supporting, and tracking remote mobile and desktop computing devices. Glacier’s rugged tablets offer the use of MobiControl device management for centralized control, robust security, and instantaneous support, and enhanced tracking over any network for any size deployment. Learn more about MobiControl when you contact us online.

Glacier is proud to count StayLinked as a Technology Partner for host-based, thin-client wireless terminal emulation, session management, device management and voice enablement software solutions. Stay-Linked offers unique thin-client architecture for Glacier customers connecting to 5250/3270, VT100/220 and SSHv2 host systems. Glacier’s rugged mobile computing devices are Stay-Linked Ready and available with the Stay-Linked thin client software pre-loaded.

Now, anyone can create custom interactive buttons, keyboards, and panels that seamlessly integrate into any application, roll out on any platform, provide operator security, are easily modified, yet still provide the ultimate user interactive experience. Whether you’re on a mouse, pen, rugged, tablet, or touchscreen-based system; you now have the right tool. And it easily integrates into low and high-level programming environments!
Ask us about My-T-Touch!

Many SMB’s with aging systems want to convert to the cloud. We specialize in data conversions, and custom applications to replace legacy apps through our partnership with Oracle. No hardware purchase, no infrastructure to maintain, 100% value added.

mobilePLUS is a complete mobile audit and inventory solution for unique items. It was designed and developed to automate your asset tasks and audit activities needing completion quickly, easily, and accurately for financial reporting, compliance requirements, operational planning, or other purposes.

Our Patented LivePoint® Technology Collection uses customized RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to provide real time data on your inventory, assets, processes, and shipping. That means greater productivity, accountability and profitability in all phases of your operation.