Trancon laser Imager

The Journal of Commerce reports that Construction and excavation operations are taking advantage of mobile technology and 3D laser scanners to do what used to take hours or days.

“The 3D laser scanner creates thousands of point clouds to take measurements and visualizations,” he said.

“It’s much faster and more accurate than survey crews.”

Buness used a survey rod with a hand-held controller that looks like a rugged outdoor tablet and which contained the survey control points.

“After the scan was created, it was converted into a usable 3D point file, and then it was integrated into the 3D BIM environment,” Buness said.

“Once in the 3D environment, the scan was used to establish the location of the excavation wall faces.”

The ability to take mobile computing power into the field, combined with new imaging technology, will provide better detail analysis for a wide range of applications, at a fraction of what it used to cost to pay survey crews.


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