Rugged Tablets Built for the Job – your job!

Glacier Computer continues to provide the best mobile workspace solutions, especially when the idea of working remotely does not involve wearing pajamas.

That mobile office demands data collection tools that are built to survive not just on the job but on your job with the features or accessories you need, tailored to your purpose.

Our service and support professionals can help you navigate the brands and options to address data collection needs across the operation, indoors or out .

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The Problems With Powering Lift Mounted Tablets

Forklift mounted computers need power. That power comes from the lift’s DC battery. What you can connect and for how long can change from lift to lift. Computers running on electric lifts will have a different impact on the relationship from those mounted to a diesel powered lift.  And what are you asking that device to do once you’ve connected it?

Whatever you ask, when it comes to lifts, tablets present more challenges and require more equipment to power than a purpose-built lift mounted computer. Tablets require a docking station, power converters and filters, and all the additional mounts, cabling, and harnesses needed to keep those components from interfering with the moving parts on the lift.

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New Milford, CT- Glacier Computer, a leading designer, developer, and supplier of rugged industrial PC-compatible devices has supplied rugged computers for use in the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie starring Christian Bale as John Connor. Glacier was contacted last spring by product placement company, Jaffe Entertainment of Los Angeles, CA and was asked to provide rugged computers for use in the movie.

Glacier worked closely with representatives from the film’s production company to supply an array of possible computers to be used in the film. Set in a post-apocalyptic 2018 world, the film’s set director, Victor Zolfo, wanted computers that looked rugged and futuristic.

“We were excited by the opportunity and sent several different units to the studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the movie was being filmed, states John Geary, Vice President for Glacier. We conversed numerous times throughout the production and ultimately provided hardware that was used by characters in the film. When the hardware was returned, it was still painted to look like it had been through a war which was neat for everyone at Glacier to see,” said Geary.

Terminator Salvation is set to open on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th. The film is Directed by McG who also directed Superman and Charlies Angels. In addition to Christian Bale, the film stars Sam Worthington and Arnold Schwarzenegger provides the voice of the T-800 Model 101 cyborg Terminator.

About Glacier Computer
Glacier Computer designs and develops versatile, rugged industrial computer systems for harsh environments in a variety of markets, including LTL crossdock, distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and more. With its in-depth knowledge and experience in the industrial computing arena, Glacier takes pride in its ability to provide quality products and exceptional customer service to meet customers’ needs. For more information about Glacier Computer’s Everest, GX-Series, Ridgeline Series or other products, please contact John Geary at (603) 882-1560 x. 212, email, or visit

Glacier Computer returns to MODEX 2020

Glacier Computer returns to MODEX 2020, March 9th-12th, highlighting the Kodiak our 5th Generation forklift computer!

For over 20 years, Glacier Computer industrial hardware is relied upon by the nations top organizations spanning a wide array of industries and applications. Glacier forklift computers provide mission-critical 24/7 data input and retrieval in challenging environments including warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, food production, and transportation.


The Kodiak forklift computer represents 20 years of real-world experience, engineering, and customer feedback. Boasting multiple display sizes, efficient processing power, and internal power supply and UPS, the Kodiak stands up against any competitive unit in the market. No other all-in-one device can readily run as many operating systems thus allowing for easy integration into any customer’s data collection environment. And, the Kodiak sets a new benchmark for price, making it the most cost-effective forklift unit in the industry.


We also recognize the exponentially growing need for portability and the need to get rugged computing in the hands of mobile workers. These include shop floor, field service, cross-dock, warehouse, and manufacturing personnel. Glacier Computer can field any question you may have when it comes to rugged Windows and Android tablet computers and laptops. We know the market, the choices and the options. We represent the world’s best-rugged tablet and rugged laptop manufacturers and we are ready to assist with all of your portable data collection needs.

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Glacier Computer Featured on the “The New Warehouse Podcast”

Glacier Computer co-Founder and Strategic Accounts Manager, John Geary made an appearance on The New Warehouse Podcast. The program looks at warehouse logistics and every aspect of the inventory and distribution business.


In this episode, we learn about the different options for rugged computing in the warehouse and also what features should be considered when looking to purchase rugged computing products for your operation. With many options in the marketplace, it is important to make the right decision instead of one that will end up costing you more down the road.


Glacier’s nearly 20-year commitment to rugged data collection gives John the perspective needed to craft effective solutions at the intersection of two fast-moving and expanding environments; computing technology and logistics.


John discusses his history in the computing space and how we have gotten to the rugged portability that we see in our industry today. We also discuss the move in the industry from (the) Windows operating system to Android.


You can listen to the podcast here.

Email John.
603-882-1560 x3213

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We Give Forklift Computing a Lift

Forklift-eblast-image-top-5ac4cb8c29c27For almost 20 years, Glacier Computer has been the industry leader in Forklift Computing.

Thanks to our knowledgeable staff our brand has become synonymous with high-quality products and fast, competent service.

To continue this tradition, Glacier Computer is expanding its products and services to keep your business ahead of the curve with the best data mobility solution for your “rugged” environment.

No matter what the environment.


Glacier Computer, founded in 2000, is shipping our 5th generation forklift computer, the Kodiak.

With over 30,000 VMT’s shipped since our inception, we are well versed in the challenges and opportunities of forklift computing.

Call or email us to request a demo today, or visit Glacier

We’re at Modex 2018 April 9th – 12th in Atlanta. Visit us at Booth B2122 and say Hello!

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Time to Team Up With Glacier

We are reaching out to you today, as a respected and successful value-added reseller in our industry, to introduce, (or reintroduce) you to partnering with Glacier Computer.  Especially during the Madness of upsets that only comes in March, we too look to upset a few #1 positions in your Forklift Computer offering.

As a value-added reseller/systems integrator, we are mindful of the spirit of pride that you take in offering customers the very best selection of products and services.  Customers trust that you have done your homework and offer them the best solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Glacier and the Kodiak offer several key advantages over the “big guys”:

  • No company has more manufacturing experience in full-screen forklift computers
  • Our Kodiak cost to you is significantly less than what you are currently paying
  • Lead time is as quick as three days from time of order
  • We will return every sales and service call faster than our competitors

Kodiak Built for the ForkliftCOST EXAMPLE:  Kodiak-10” display, PCAP touch, 8GB DRAM, 128GB SSD, Fast Roaming WiFi, Multiple secure I/O, Internal 12-48 VDC Conversion, Internal UPS…..$2,599

Not only is this a compelling argument against other fixed mounted VMT’s, it challenges the possibilities of using a rugged tablet as a VMT, notwithstanding the need for portability.  In addition, Glacier has everything else your customer needs for an entire forklift computing solution:  keyboard, scanner, mounting hardware, printer, impact monitor, safety checklist, custom warranty programs, US depot repair, and special financing.

Glacier Computer, founded in 2000, is now shipping our 5th generation forklift computer, the Kodiak.  With over 30,000 VMT’s shipped since our inception, we are well versed in the challenges and opportunities of forklift computing. Call us now to learn more, get signed up as a reseller or receive a demo for testing.  We look forward to working with you on your next opportunity.

Stop by our booth at Modex, B2122 and say hello.

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2017: An Extraordinary Year for Glacier Computer

The past year has been an extraordinary one for Glacier Computer and we wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts about 2017 as we look forward to 2018.

Customer Focus Before All Else.

Our ongoing success is born from a commitment to helping customers maintain their competitive advantage by providing rugged mobile data collection solutions with superior value as Glacier’s “anything within reason” philosophy continues to provide the product flexibility and engineering vision to get our customers over, around, or through their technology hurdles today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

When You do Something Well Find Ways to Do It Better.

Glacier’s Kodiak set a new industry standard in 2017. This rugged Industrial computer represents over 15 years of real-world experience, engineering, and feedback from supply chain managers, forklift operators, and partners in the logistics and supply chain world. Warehouse managers want the price-point of a tablet but need a very rugged, reliable, and dedicated forklift-mounted solution. The entire KODIAK line was designed to meet that very demand. And we’re just getting started. The Android OS for Kodiak is coming in 2018.

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Glacier Computer Partners with Zebra Technologies.

Zebra Technologies LogoGlacier Computer Partners with Zebra Technologies.

Glacier Computer is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Zebra Technologies. Zebra’s global reach and innovative mobile devices mesh seamlessly with Glacier’s commitment to delivering the best rugged computing solutions no matter what conditions your ‘office’ throws your way.

From transportation and logistics to warehousing, healthcare, retail, public safety, construction, manufacturing, or e-commerce, businesses large and small need reliable tools that deliver data collection with value.

The addition of Zebra solutions positions Glacier with the broadest portfolio of vehicle-mount PCs, rugged tablets, printers and scanners on Earth, meeting the growing requirements of our customers worldwide.


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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Forklift Computer

forklift - Mounting the right computer on a forklift doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

Yes, there are myriad options from rugged all-in-one vehicle-mount units to a wide array of industrial tablet computers.

Yes, making the right selection for your environment and application will play a significant role in user-acceptance, deployment success, and ultimately the ROI management expects from a capital purchase of this size.

And while there is no one-size-fits-all “remedy” you can find the best solution for your operation if you know what questions to ask.

Glacier has deployed more than 30,000 rugged computers over the past 17 years in every sort of operating environment and we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions to ask before you invest in devices for your fleet of fork trucks, carts, or hostlers.

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