New Product Monitors Forklift and Increases ROI

Amherst, NH, June 1, 2008

Glacier Computer, a leading designer, developer, and supplier of industrial computers, rugged laptops, and tablet computers, announces a distribution agreement with Shockwatch, the global leader in developing and manufacturing damage prevention products.

Glacier will be one of the distributors of the new FleetControl™ Manager; ShockWatch’s latest innovation enabling an enterprise to optimize its VMC investment by integrating with and utilizing the power of the computer’s processing, touch screen, AC power supply and wireless communications capabilities.

Using the VMC touch screen, FleetControl Manager enables operators to gain access and operate the lift, complete the pre-shift OSHA safety checklist and send and receive messages with others in the warehouse, including warehouse managers. With a thorough understanding of the warehouse environment, ShockWatch has designed FleetControl Manager’s graphical user interface (GUI) on the VMC to eliminate the need for a separate display unit that requires additional space on a forklift dashboard and may restrict operator view. Additionally, the GUI features large on-screen buttons and easy-to-read text, providing a user-friendly functionality that enables operators to keep their work gloves and safety glasses on.

FleetControl Manager works with any lift truck with a VMC to help ensure that only trained and certified operators gain access to lifts. FleetControl Manager can use existing company personnel identification systems, including ID badges or employee numbers, further maximizing customer investment in those systems.

“This is a great opportunity for Glacier to offer another first class product to our forklift computer customers,” states John Geary, Vice President of Sales for Glacier. “Our customer base includes a variety of industries and environments and the features of the FleetControl Manager will allow them to increase safety, reduce cost, and save time, “says Geary.

“By adding FleetControl Manager to your warehouse equipment, you can increase operator accountability and improve driving behavior without supervisory presence – something a VMC alone cannot provide,” said R.C. Greenberg, equipment monitor product manager at ShockWatch. “Employee safety should be the top concern of every manager inside a warehouse environment. Accident liability can be a costly matter. With FleetControl Manager onboard, you have the ability to improve safety, ensure OSHA compliance and reduce forklift–induced, damage-related costs – all with one product.”

About Glacier Computer
Glacier Computer designs and develops versatile, rugged industrial computer systems for harsh environments in a variety of markets, including LTL crossdock, distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and more. With its in-depth knowledge and experience in the industrial computing arena, Glacier takes pride in its ability to provide quality products and exceptional customer service to meet customers’ needs.

About ShockWatch
ShockWatch has specialized in damage prevention since 1976, offering shipping and handling monitors and equipment monitors for use in thousands of applications in varied industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, logistics, marine, utilities, medical and manufacturing. ShockWatch products are used to monitor the handling of goods throughout the production and delivery processes and to reduce costs and prevent damage in the operation, access and usage of equipment. With representatives and distributors worldwide, ShockWatch is a global industry leader with customers in 62 countries.

Media Recovery Inc. (MRI) is the parent company of ShockWatch, DPC and Media Recovery. Based in Dallas, Texas, MRI has developed an international customer base that includes two-thirds of the Fortune 100 and over half of the Fortune 1000 companies.